Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Mini Me

While visiting a another bloggers's journal (DvlWitGrnEyes)she had posted about how her grandaughter (Miss America) looks just like her, so I thought it would be fun for those of us out there that have a "MINI ME" to journal about it with photo's (if possible). It could be a family member or for those of us out there who think their pet resemble them.... by all means journal away!

This is me and my mini me, my daughter Rachel.

lilbrat.bmp    rachiebylake.jpg


shooser1 said...

Wow!  She does look just like you!  You both are very pretty too!  I love your "do"!  Your daughter is just cute as a button!!!  Now, she is older than the 13 year old son, right?  Sheila  PS  How is the program working out?

anarchitek said...


dvlwitgrneyes said...

Beautiful mini me! :-) I had thought that my youngest daughter (also a Rachel 12) was my mini-me but it is getting clearer everyday that Miss America is assuming that position.


dornbrau said...

Must be the name.... my mini-me is my 10 year old daughter named Rachel, 'cept we call her Rocky.

motoxmom72 said...

My little peanut takes after Daddy's side of the family and is Daddy's Little Girl BIG TIME!!  She gets so spoiled by him.  She pouts and sheds a few tears and he gives her what she wants 95% of the time.  So she couldn't be a mini-me.  She looked a bit like me in a pic my mom has from when she was 2.  She saw pic on Mom-Mom's wall and thought it was her.  But she looks more like hubby side now.  :-(


motoxmom72 said...

Oops...the pic on the wall was of my mom holding me when I was 2.  She thought it was her.  Sorry about that.  Had to clarify that!  LOL!!


krobbie67 said...

Both mini & me are beautiful! I have no children or pets so there's none for me to share. But, apparently there are a lot out there because I have one of those faces that people always tell me I look like their cousin, niece, childhood friend, etc.
:-) ---Robbie

cneinhorn said...

yes, I saw that photo on her journal!  Your mini me does look like you too, and I had posted mine a while ago, it's an older link here: