Tuesday, March 15, 2005

" Secret Crush Update"

It's already time to update my ever growing list of "Not So Secret Crushes"

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And now for the new inductee's.........drum roll please............


I am in love with Paul.....not J-land Paul...... but Paul from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.......how much cuter and sincere can this guy be? I just love how he gets so emotional when something grabs hold of his heart and that man will work himself to death to get his projects done and always connects deeply with each family this gift of a new home is bestowed upon. But since my own darling husband is not so handy around the house my attraction might just be because this man knows his way around a tool belt! What I would do with a carpenter of my very own............sighhhhh.......lol

My other new crush is on Anwar from American Idol.....first his love for music drew me to him, then his dedication to the kids he teaches music too and to be perfectly real for a moment........he's a knockout! howl! Wolf-whistle! wooooo hoooooo......ok I have composed myself again....now if I had that man to compose something for me and then sing it while gazing into my eyes.......whewwww it's getting hot in here!

And now for the disclosure........Yes Hubby you are still my BIGGEST Crush! lol


promiseluv372 said...

My new little crush is Constantine from American idol ... when/if he goes from that show I won't be watching it again ! :)
I've never seen Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but I think I'll watch it next time it's on to see who this guy is hehe.
~ Promise

yakima127 said...

I'm stupid..I just realized I commented on that other entry from January!  I hadn't read it before today, and I got all caught up in it and put in my two cents worth!  Anyway, it's a great topic!  JAE

jcole16757 said...

I have missed Extreme Makeover Home Edition so much lately I can't recall which one Paul is off hand.  I do have to say there is something pretty worthy of "crushing" over with Anwar.  He's a beautiful person!

plittle said...

Whew! You had me worried there, for a minute.

maidothemist said...

I love Anwar too. LOVE HIM!

motoxmom72 said...

Paul from Extreme Makeover Home Edition is from my area.  PHILLY!!  He is a cutie.  He is the one who wears the square framed glasses and designs some awesome stuff on the show.  My CRUSH is for Bo Bice on American Idol.  I *love* that guy.  I admire Anwar for his dedication to teaching children music.  Great topic to post about.


krobbie67 said...

Paul's a cutey but I'm hot for Ty. :::slurp:::: :-) ---Robbie