Thursday, March 24, 2005

Extreme Make over?

While visiting another bloggers' journal she posed the question

If you could have an Extreme Make over....would you? Link to her journal below

Since the onslaught of the reality shows I have thought long and hard about this....would I?.. Could I?.. Should I? And I have come to the conclusion that if I didn't have to be photographed from EVERY angle at my bad side and trust, me my good sides are becoming farther and fewer in between.....I do it in a heart beat!

But the thought of me posing for those dreadful, full-length shots of me in nude colored bra and panties for all my flaws to be seen just paralyzes me to no end! .I think the whole thing is definately a vanity issue, the make overs and  my reluctance to be viewed in that setting. It's rough on a forty-something diva to remember how she looked as a twenty something diva and not look at each and everyone of my children and hold them in contempt! LOL I can't really hold the first born in contempt of this issue because even though she was born from my heart she was not born from my body BUT she did contribute to my premature aging! lol, and my first born did nothing to alter my body during that stretch marks and maybe after her arrival 10 extra pounds to loose......I walked out of that hospital carrying my newborn and zipped and tucked into my size 5 jeans......I was only 128 lbs full term with her....little did I know she was also going to prematuraly age me later in her teens! My Worry lines have their names tattoed under each of the ones they caused during their teens years!

Now those last two lil chits.........errrr I mean darlings.....I'm going to take the easy way with this and blame it all on them! LOL! Oh alright!The only responsibility I will claim as mine is being UN-PREGNANT 7 weeks between the last two........yes you heard me right........I was pregnant again when my last newborn was only 7 weeks old......just try to imagine that for a second and not reach for the prozac! LOL 

So for all the extra pounds, the gray hairs, the puffy eyes from lack of sleep, the new found nuerotic tendancies, and the worry lines along with the age spots, would I be caught dead strutting my 40 something body on national television for all the world to see in a nude bra and panty....unless...... I could have a bag over my head, and my name was changed to protect the innocent and the master copy was mine to edit all the before shots and only let the after shots and all my newly restored glory actually be seen.

Now there's that small part about letting my mind wander about all the obvious pain of being nipped and tucked and over hauled, then starved and pushed beyond my normal comfort zone of physical endurance........ohhhh that does throw a damper on an already frightening situation......but hell, I'd be away for 6 weeks in Los Angeles, having every whim taking care of by an accommodating staff and I'd have mansion to myself and let's not forget about the shopping spree! AND BE AWAY FROM THE KIDS???? Hell I might just sign up after all!

LOL LOL LOL........well maybe I'd be LOL after the pain meds kicked in!


imshadowraven2 said...

im with ya sister.....bring on the drugs and the paper bag

maidothemist said...

I am all for an extreme makeover- it would have to be extreme to make a dent in this bod ~Sooz

kathlyna22 said...

oh I would do it in a second, just no fake boobs please.
I would really do it for the free personal trainer and lasic eye surgery!
what more could a girl ask for.
but you're right, the shot of me in my personals on tv petrifies me!