Monday, March 14, 2005

Journal Jar Q and A

Promises Journal Jar Question

What did you do as a child to get in trouble with your parents and how did they handle it?

OK.....just where does one start with a loaded question like this??? lol

I will only list the more serious offenses of my misspent youth, that is all I have time for! LOL

Me and Bobby (neighbor boy I grew up with) painted each other head to toe with outdoor beige paint while we where told to "watch" the paint while his mother went to answer a phone call Our parents thought the pain we had to endure scrubbing the paint off our lil bodies was punishment enough!

Sneaking out after bedtime (at 13) with friends and taking one of our families members car for all night joy rides.......everybody else was caught but me (sneaking out that is)......SORRY Mom!

Getting suspended with most of my 7th grade class for picking up and moving our music teachers brand new car on April Fools day.......he was not amused and neither were my parents......grounded and probably whipped a good one....can't remember LOL

Getting caught egging the mean old neighbor's house down the street with my best friend from my youth and my father made me go back down the street with a bucket of hot soapy water, a sponge and a ladder and clean it all off......whipped again....I'm sure! LOL

Getting caught with a lot of other high school students in a drug sting, that we knew about but were arrogant enough to not care (Idiots!) and my Mother had to go to the school on a Saturday to look at surveillance photo's of her darling lil daughter drinking and smoking pot before and during school.....the cops who took the photo's told my guidance councilor who ID'd me in the pictures, "She's very photogenic"....... too bad it wasn't in a positive moment huh???  grounded and whipped for that too

Taking my Mother's car at 15 without a license and finally getting caught by my older brother, who proceeded to kick my ass and when my Mother came home and found out, I tried to Sara Bernhardt my way out getting into more trouble by playing the "Older Brother beat the hell out of me" card and guess what? didn't work she whacked the hell out of me again!

Spending most of my Junior High School year ditching my school and going to hang out at other surrounding High Schools because the "Boys were cuter"

Hitchhiking to Michigan with 2 friends for a weekend while both of my parents thought I was with the other parent (divorce) I was 15 maybe??

Going downtown Chicago with my girlfriends and going out on Lake Michigan with total strangers on their boats (and skinny dipping)....freaks me out today when I think about it because of everything that could of gone wrong but at the time I was suffering from "that's never gonna happen to me" syndrome.

My bad girl/wicked ways list seems to be endless and I'm getting tired of you see why my Mother put that ole curse on me now dontcha????


dklars said...

What a colorful youth!!!  I kinda wish I had had as much fun!

promiseluv372 said...

Bad girls unite!! :)
I love it!
~ Promise

globetrotter2u said...


judithheartsong said...

but you are now a well-rounded individual due to all your experiences!!:):) judi

krobbie67 said...

And I thought I was a mischievious brat growing up. LOL! Hmm....maybe that's why I haven't had any children. I'm afraid of the "curse." :-) ---Robbie