Friday, March 25, 2005

In Leiu of flowers Send Stink Bait! lol

It's Husband has lost his lil Fishing buddy and he is taking it harder than I expected.....And just how did he loose his side kick for the last 12 years you ask? word............GIRLS! In lieu of flowers send.... stink bait!

We have been used to "Our Lil Man" being chased by some very determined little girls, and after the first 10 years of "YUCK" then the 11th year of......"She's stalking me!" it is the final few months of his 12th year that it has finally turned into......."woooooo hooooo!" "Yowzaaa!" and "How yoooou doin'?" He is refusing fishing trips, days at the lake, Saturday afternoon Nascar races and such. Now he battles his older Sisters for the phone and recently has lost all "Online" privileges do to one girl in particular.....let's just call her
'I'm gonna hunt you down and rip out your heart if you break my Sons heart'

Apparently this girl has some pretty lenient parents......Last Friday night the phone rang at 11:07 P.M. and of course right away I'm thinking either bad news or one of my Older kids (19 & 22) needed something but... ohhhhh noooooo..... it's 'I'm gonna hunt you down and rip put your heart if you break my Sons heart!' Does she apologize for calling so late? NOOOOO! Does she say anything at all? NOOOOOO! How do I know it's her.......caller ID......So even though I knew I wasn't going to get a response.....I said, "Jimmy isn't allowed  phone calls after 9:30 at night, Thank You!" then I hung up on her.

He won't speak about her to anybody but me and that's only after I start prodding......."Any siblings?" No she was adopted and is an only child "How's her grades?" how am I supposed to know that? "What do her parents do for a living? I don't know that either "Do youhave her in any classes at school?" Yes...3 (now he's annoyed with the 20 questions so it's through gritted teeth he answers me  lol) "Does she sit by you in any of those classes?" YES! "You don't talk to her instead of listening to your teachers DO YOU!?" NO! MOM! She doesn't talk to me at all during school, only her friends talk to me (Ok but they gab for hours on the phone? and they used to IM for hours too!) lol Look Mom I really don't to talk about this anymore, so I'm going to my room......Where's the cordless phone?"......... I'm afraid I too......have lost my Lil Man.........someone please pass me a tissue.....sniffle sniffle.

This shot was taken last summer on our annual trip to the Northern Woods of Wisconsin.....He never missed a morning of getting up with his Dad (5:00 A.M.) to do some serious fishing only to come home 3 hours later snuggled up in the front of the row boat....sleepy and hungry for breakfast....... Sighhhh.....I feel my Darling Husband will be in mourning for a very...very long time!



dklars said...

Just wait, it gets worse! LOL  My 14 yr old son is on the phone alllllllll the time with giggley girls who call at all hours, or used to 'til I scared them, hehehe!  We don't even bother answering the phone anymore, it's always for him.

dornbrau said...

Oh, I remember my husband when our oldest son started declining invitations to go hunting in favor of going over to his girlfriend's house.  I thought my husband would have been more understanding, having been young once himself, but yes, it was more akin to mourning.

shooser1 said...

This cute little guy is the troublemaker that lost his computer privileges?  Oh boy!  Mom, you're in for it.  Wait a few years when he's in high school.  You think the girls are bad now?  LOL!  It gets worse when he realizes that he's a "stud muffin".  Brings back bad memories of when my brother discovered girls.  Only his called at 2 or 3 in the morning!!!  Mom and dad never heard the phone, it was always me.  Do you know how many times I was tempted to say, "He's not here, he's out with the other one?"  Perhaps you need to talk to her parents about the late night calls.  Maybe they don't know she is making them.  Good luck!  Sheila

kathlyna22 said...

oh my what a handsome little man
you are a very lucky lady.
11:00 oclock!
I wouldn't dare call someones house past 9 now, and I'm 22!!
tell  your husband I send him my best.

sdoscher458 said...

Oh lord, he's a know the girls are going to be chasing him! You do know that once this starts it doesn't end? He is still too young to let things go on without your intevention so be on the outlook.....down Mom, easy Mom....Sandi

astaryth said...

Oooooh! He's a cutie... You are soooo in for it! Now that he's discovered that girls aren't Yucky.... Well, it's going to be a long next few years <LOL>

dragonspirituscg said...

That has got to be hard.  Most kids go through that and the sad part is, the remain like that.  We soon realize the need for family though and come back, not the same, but wanting to spend time anyway.  Good Luck with him and I hope it goes well.  KJ

swibirun said...

Terrific entry!  We are going through this with my 16 y/o boy.  Good luck!

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, he is a cutie.  Better get used to it!

happysunshien said...

ahhh what a cutie!  My Austin is 9 and hasnt found girls yet except for "Mom she wont quit writing me these stupid notes!" your journal!  got ya on alerts....