Monday, July 31, 2006

I've got to be me....(forgot to add something)

OK, Call me insane! But I see a few perks that could go alone with this breast cancer

Ok, So I have to have my boobs removed......they're old and sit lower and lower every year anyway right? They are diseased too so..... good riddance! And I will be given new, perkier boobs.....and with implants these days they remove your own fat cells to make your new boobs  and I hope I can request "ass removal" so as to kill two birds with one stone! lol ..what is to hate about that???

Chemo will remove all my body hair, so there will be no bad hair blow drying, no curling iron, no mousse, no hair spray, no shaving of the legs and under arms and sometimes your hair comes back thicker and curlier......what's to hate about that??? And let's not forget that your periods stop with chemo too! Nothing to hate there either right??

So let's see........I could end up with killer thick, curly, and blonder hair, with killer perky, don't have to wear a bra anymore kinda boobies, no more PMS, a smaller, sculpted tush and I won't have to worry about shaving for awhile!

Tuesday morning I meet with the surgeon and I will keep you all updated! Thank You!!!

At my request I can get all my films and reports on a CD tomorrow, so of course in the name of the "YA YA Sisterhood"....I will be posting the mammogram results and ultras sound results (in pictures) here in my blog......I want this to be a learning experience for all those out there with boobs or has love for a woman with boobs....maybe I can help others along this new path of mine! Ü


cneinhorn said...

"I shaved my legs for this?" journal title and your hair comments had me giggling.  You are too much!  Hey getting new boobs might be cool.  Out with the old and in with the new.  full and perky!   Your amazing spirit will pull you through my friend, keep us posted on the doctor visit.  

astaryth said...

That's my girl! I knew you would see this in your own unique way, and you didn't disappoint me... {{{hugs}}

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pippa1116 said...

ther is a silver lining in every cloud.  If we look hard enough.....tina

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justplainbill said...

Kim, I have no idea how I came to read your journal for the first time but somehow I got hooked.  I have read it for about three or four months and look forward to it.
I am a male, and seem to be the only male reading your journal. I am seventy five years of age. Not sure why I am telling you that.
But I do enjoy your writings and you life as you show it.
You are one interesting and entertaining woman and now I see you are also a brave one.
I wish you the best of everything as you go through this breast cancer thing. Prayers and good thoughts will go your way every time I read your journal.
Good Luck, Bill

imshadowraven2 said...

From the very beginning i connected with you and after reading this entry i gotta say with total honesty .............I love you Kim ...............

wmncurly said...

 If you have chemo, the oncologist will tell you when you may start loosing your hair.  I was waking up a lot after my first treatment and realized I was feeling my head to see if it was coming out.  Sunday before my second treatment I had my hair Buzzed off.  As low as I could get it.  That way I had a little time of seeing the scalp and get use to it.  I never had handfuls of hair falling out, just finger fulls.  I took care of the loosing hair process.  Cancer didn't control that.
 Keep your sense of humor.  It will help you through the rough time.  I never got sick, but the day after my first treatment my sheltie threw up 13 times.   I lost my hair and dog licked a bald spot on his leg.  My dog was my biggest support.
 If you are put on Tamoxifen after the chemo, be ready for hot flashes and night sweats.  They can give you meds to help thru that.
 If I can help you, just email me.    Thanks Bill for sending me this link.

wmncurly said...

 Kim, Bill sent me the link to your blog.  I am a bc survivor of 6, yes 6 glorious years.  On June 30, 2000 I lost both breasts.  On July 11, 2000 I had a mole removed from my face which was superficial melanoma.  Early Aug. I started 8 very agressive chemo treatments and the last one was Dec. 26, 2000.  What a great Christmas gift.  I chose to not have reconstruction.  I spent too many years being confined by a bra.  I love the freedom.
 Now as for the perks.  It is so great to have rain and snow fall on your bald head for the first time.  Oh and a dog lick feels so funny.  You better carry extra sunglasses to hand out to the people who comment about the glare coming off your head.  Just think you jump out of the shower and dry your head like the rest of your body, put on clothes and out you go.  It is so much fun.  When the hair starts growing back in I was very careful.  I didn't want to look like a baseball player at back.  Just think about they almost always do.  No I  didn't adjust but could it itch?  I went everywhere either bald or with a baseball hat on.  May I help you Sir?  In my sexest voice I would reply Why thank you I am looking for .....    You gotta have a sense of humor when you go thru this.

pennietoonz said...

You`re too much! lol
You will indeed be a hotter, sexier you once you`re all done with this crap!! :0)

candlejmr said...

You, my friend, are a complete inspiration.  If you keep up with this wonderful sense of humor (which I am sure you will!) then you will most definitely be better in no time, since they say that LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!

Many, many, MANY ((hugs))

I agree with your breast theory.  They hang too low anyway.  Just another place for sweat to accumulate....(lol)

onecrabn3lilfish said...

Just trade those boobs in for a newer, more modern pair.  :-)


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blgrn97 said...

You always have a great way of looking at the upside!! Best of luck tomorrow.

thinkingoutloud said...

You are too much!
Thank you for sharing your experience.

Love you!!!
Niki :)

memes121 said...

You go girl! Tammy

randlprysock said...

Hey we could get surgery together.  I haven't been diagnosed yet but man, if this is old age, then I want surgery.  Can they have some of my boobies too????  I have enough for at least two maybe three women.  Dang and I have to buy so many bras.  We could save so much in buying bras that the surgery cost would be like a steal.  Hugs,
PS Keep your chin up girl!!  Love you!!  

samnsmile5 said...

I've just read your entries and I'm speechless....I can't believe this is happening to you.  It blows me away!  I just hate that life throws us these curveballs and turns everything upside down.  
You sound like you are hanging in there with the right attitude!!  Stay strong and beat this thing!!  I know you're strong and you've got a wonderful family to support you and get you through this.  


dornbrau said...

Perkier boobs?  Butt removal?  No period?  New hair?
Dang, it almosts sounds like something I could use.
Seriously, my grandmother had breast cancer and ended up losing one breast.  She was a raunchy old fart and used to chase us around the house with nothing on but a towel held up by the remaining boob.  I used to wonder if she ever really understood what had happened, I wasn't sure there was an Okinawan word for cancer, and publically she never seemed to be affected by the discomfort she endured during her treatment.  She too carried a big stick, and she weilded it well, as you will too if and when the time comes.

sunnyside46 said...

you are something else

mzgoochi said...

My hair was frizzy, no, it was down right bushy until I lost it. When it came back it was the hair I had always wanted. Hope yours does the same Kim.

Those are all great perks. I got them all except the boobs. I miss mine still. Guess I always will. Hope yours turn out fantabulous!! :)

Love you!

PS- Hope you don't get hot flashes as bad as I did. It's really bad when you get them in hot weather and you can forget about wearing makeup or drawing in some eyebrows. LOL