Monday, July 10, 2006

You're in Jamaica Mon....

Half way between Chicago and Jamaica I start to feel the beginning of the UTI........But I still have no idea what it is because it's been years since I've had one.......besides I am too excited about this trip and all my eyes are about to behold.....I see paradise in my head, but most importantly something tells me I am not going to be disappointed.

As shown in the previous entry the Island itself is gorgeous but I'm telling ya.....where the ocean meets the sand is my sanctuary! What I loved about sandals is that most of it is exposed to the outside, very few by mid morning....and this time of year a little humid for me, but I tried to remember I'm in JAMAICA!!!!!!!I have NOTHING to complain about.

The lobby is the main building but really only has one wall around it....the rest is views of the pools, the swim up bars, the palm trees and the ocean.....most of the dining area of the main dining room called 'Bay side' has only a back wall (hiding the kitchen) the rest is open and your sitting on a balcony.........loved it!!

Beach side has all the ocean views, the palm trees, the beach, the ocean breezes, the view of all the water craft, the heavily thatched cabanas to enjoy the ocean view but not the mid day sun....most importantly the sound of the ocean.......I can never give it justice by trying to describe it....just close your eyes and you will hear it.

A few picture for your view

The first three are from my Daughters balcony.......

kmh 2006

kmh 2006

kmh 2006

This shot is taken from my cabana that I pirated almost every morning after Jim and I took our morning strolls on the beach....hand in hand.....half way in and out of the ocean.


All around the resort were beautiful views........from the oceans to the gardens and with most being exposed to the outside the sun dappled pretty much everything.....truly a beautiful place without being over the top gaudy.....The woodwork is crafted mainly of dark mahogany.......I love mahogany! And painted all the color of the tropics.....I tild Jim when we get back I am turning our bedroom into Jamaica....I have already been into wrought iron and distressed woods and I pretty much already have the billowy sheath drapery....I just have to spruce it up with a raised canopy bed made of mahogany and throw in a splash of caribbean colors! lol

Piano Bar..... light and it!

kmh 2006

I'll post more later..........Ü


lanurseprn said...

I am really enjoying your Jamaica  stories!!!  This is just so cool!  For a few minutes while I read your journal I'm just with you....escaped for a little while into your story and pictures.  WOW was it beautiful or what?? WHEW!  Was it like a 2nd honeymoon for hubby and you?
Have a good day.

sdoscher458 said...

I love that beach  So glad you had good weather too. Okay we are ready for a close up of the bride please....Sandi

dornbrau said...

All are great pictures, but the very first one is my favorite, I love the hazy, dream like quality of the water as it breaks on the shore.

am4039 said...


mzgoochi said...

See, now that's what I'm talking about. And just think, you left it all behind. I would have sent everyone else home and stayed. LOL

hadonfield78 said...

This looks like my kinda place...............

ann7inflorida said...

::SOB:: ...... :: MORE SOBBING:: I - WANT- TO- GO- TO- JAMAICA ..... ::Snifle:: The pictures are all gorgeous and the way you describe it is making my mouth water.

cneinhorn said...

what a gorgeous place!  I'm thinking Jamaica next time after seeing these shots!  Hawaii is sooooo far away, the trip there and time difference takes alot out of ya.  My daughter has been to the carribean with Daddy and h er boyfriends family, and was just in Hawaii with me, is still on the fence about what area is nicer...she said the trip to get there and trip home is too much for her too.