Sunday, July 9, 2006

Ya Mon.....My Jamaican Prologue Mon......No Problem Mon!

I haven't had to time to sit and sort all the moments and memories from our Daughter's wedding in Jamaica yet, so bare with me.....I'm flying by the seat of my pants and since I don't want to leave anything out, I might be jumping back and forth and for that I am sorry...........I can talk about the beautiful moments, I can talk about the strange moments and I can talk about the times that tempers flared a wee bit, but what I will find extremely hard to share are the time that hurt my heart and there were a few of them.......I'm not sure if it was just the situation, or just me, or just an over sight....but I'll share what I can.

By the way........I was to have left for Jim's families reunion this morning but because of an UTI (urinary tract infection) that reared it's ugly head....Oh, I'd say somewhere above the clouds in the plane over Georgia I have to see my Doctor on Monday morning......So no road trip for me, thank you very much! Now if I was a man I might tempt it, I could stop and pee every half hour on the side of the road, but since I am not equipped to stand and pee that is out of the question on the side of the road! lol

When a man stops to pee on the side of the road it could look like many things, maybe he sees something where he's looking, maybe he just needed to stop the car and stretch his legs for a bit, maybe he's in a deep thought or taking in a great view..........but when a woman stops to do's very apparent to everyone in view of her exactly what she is wondering what she is doing, no way to make it look like anything is/was a road side emergency! lol lol lol

Another by the way........did I tell you I have been coffee free for 8 days??? I pick the weirdest times to give up chit! lol lol lol


bmorrrick said...

You give up coffee, and then get a UTI.....wonder if there is a connection? (ha)  Sorry you aren't feeling well....I'm sure you know to drink LOTS of water and also cranberry juice helps.  Hope you feel better soon.

Take Care,

dklars said...

I read somewhere that if you take some alka-seltzer throughout the day it helps with the symptoms of the UTI.  (I think alka seltzer is more painful than the UTI, myself!  LOL) Don't take over the counter meds for UTI's, though, because when they try to analyze the urine at your appointment, the dye in the OTC meds screws up the results.  Hope you feel better soon!

am4039 said...


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Ought oh...hope the UTI went away..if not sure hope it gets better soon...TerryAnn

sunnyside46 said...

yes, peeing when youre fleeing is difficult

dornbrau said...

See, and folks wonder why I don't quit drinkin' coffee.... cos I don't want a stinkin' UTI, thats why!
My daughter tried standing up and peeing when she was potty training.  She stood on top of the toilet seat and just let it loose, what a mess!  Personally I think peeing standing up is over rated, and it just encourages laziness in men.

dwhee70041 said...

Kim, I had a friend who, when on the road and needed to pee, would stop the car, pop the hood, crawl up on the fender and, do his thing.  It looked like he was checking a radiator leak!  too funny.  Thanks for the travel log!  David