Monday, July 10, 2006

The bigger the bed...the harder you fall! lol

When we arrived at the resort we were greeted with smiles and kinda place I tell ya! lol Our room was ready upon our arrival and I have to say the best bellman EVER! was there to help us to our room.........what I loved about him most was that he said Jim's suitcase was waaaaay heavier than mine ;) He can never call me the "Queen of over packing" again!

The room was gorgeous it had a (extremely....more on this later) high four poster bed with a wonderful king size mattress on a frame of box was heaven to sleep in for the first 2.5 days....(I told ya more on this later! lol)......The view was of the garden side..... nothing particularly lovely from our view.....but that was about to change later. The room itself had a slanted high ceiling over the bed, a mahogany bedroom suite including a lovely armoire and writing desk, the hallway to the bathroom had a lovely marble bar on one side and plenty of closet space on the other and the bathroom was more than adequate for space but the one thing it did not come with was an electrical outlet..........hmmmmmm where do I plug my curling iron in....the bathroom was the only room with a imagine yourself trying to handle a hot curling iron, then actually attempting to curl your hair with a blind fold on.....what to do?.....what to do?

Ok, back to this bed.......I stand 5 feet tall with zero inches to add after that my family you were either given long legs or big boobs....let's just say I didn't get the long legs! lol So in order for me to get up into this bed........(ok, visulaize yourself getting on a horse) with my hands firmly gripping the sheet, I throw my right leg up over the side of the bed and Jim pulls me up/over from his side of the remember that I have a UTI and I am flooding myself with water and cranberry juice...let's just say I know where every bathroom is on that the time night time comes I have worn myself ragged running to the potty.

Now here I am sleeping I'd say 1500 miles away from my own bed and I wake up in the middle of the night with this unbearable urge to empty my bladder and I forget I am almost 3 feet off of the floor and I fall off of the bed......HARD.....into a wall....on my way down! Does the DH hear me? NOPE! But I am sure the occupants underneath my room did........who knew getting in and out of bed could cause so the end of this trip .......I HATE THIS BED! for more than this reason ;) .....more later on that! lol

BAD BED! lol

kmh 2006

Now our resort is right nextdoor to the nudie resort Hedonism II.......let's just say that there were some people that should of been naked and that there were some people that should of never been naked.........with a few of them that should not of been naked even at BIRTH! lol lol lol what I did find amusing is that partial nudity is always somewhere on the beach but no flames are allowed naked! lol  see below

kmh 2006

This was on the front of the fenced area from the view of my room........told ya, nothing spectacular to look at....I just thought this sign was too funny not to photograph since people were naked only one resort down from us! lol lol lol The picture below is of the sunrise the next morning from our room.......we never actually ever got to see the sun crest over the land because the view was always blocked by the palm trees. I never was able to see a Jamaican sunset either....every afternoon a squall would come it for about an hour and then leave the sky mostly cloudy the rest of the afternoon with the sun breaking through some of the time, but never at sunset. :(....hmmmm maybe I need to go back again sometime.

kmh 2006

I'll post more later...............Ü


sdoscher458 said...

Only you! I'm feeling the pain and laughing right along with you. Since I have a few inches on you I've never experienced a high bed issue, but my short Mom has problems even with tall chairs!  So I know how frustrating it can be when the furniture seems made for giants.  I always get a picture in my mind of Lilly Tomlin during the baby scene on the giant highchair - did you ever see it?  Next time you go request a different kind of bed.....Sandi

memes121 said...

Sounds fun! Tammy

am4039 said...


dwhee70041 said...

Kim,  When you first mentioned that you were going to Jamaica the nude beach question came into my mind.  They are well know.  It's a great place to find out that all men are not created equal.  LOL   Great photos.  I hope you are feeling better. Thanks, David

hadonfield78 said...

Kim, those are some fabulous shots...........

psychfun said...

Too funny! Sorry about the bruises but you could come up with a creative story ;-)
Thus beds are for Jumping to get on! HA!

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thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Wow...would have thought that they would have an outlet in the bathroom to curl your hair...and the idea of a nude resort just cracks me up!!!  huggies TerryAnn

ann7inflorida said...

"let's just say that there were some people that should of been naked and that there were some people that should of never been naked.........with a few of them that should not of been naked even at BIRTH!"

....ROFL!!! My eyes hurt for you only because I know of what you speak.