Tuesday, August 1, 2006

A game of Chess anyone?? lol

kmh 2006

This is an actual, playable chess board at the resort we stayed at in Jamaica. I had learned to play chess when I was about 12 years old, but the "how to play the game" has totally escaped me some 30 years later. My Son and My Husband would of played this for hours. The little Prince tries everyday to over throw the King.....he wants to out wit, out smart and out play his Father every chance he gets. The 'Grasshopper' has been taught very well by the Master.

I think this would be a good match up for a new spin on "Survivor!" You know how teens think they are sooooo much smarter than their parents.....put them all on an island together and let think see just how smart their parents are, that will teach them! lol

Now I thought this Chess Board was pretty cool, but personally I think it would of been even funner (Yes I know that's is not a real word, but it's my blog and I can make them up as I go along!) if this was the game "Battleship" same object to capture the other opponents pieces and who didn't like hearing....."You sunk my battleship!!!" lol

Well, it's almost time to get ready to meet my "HOT" new Surgeon.....see already another perk with this cancer thingy..A hot doctor gets to feel me up and my DH can't divorce me over it! lol lol lol


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Good luck playing chest with the hot Doc..........lol

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