Thursday, June 1, 2006

Do Over Day??

Ok, Dropped one kid off at school this morning, on the way home I played "Chicken" with a mallard and I lost......that little bugger just stood his ground and I had to swerve! Does he not know what a 2006 Suburban could of done to him??? lol

Now I just got back from picking same said child back up from the school and I will have to go and drop her back off in a few minutes.......(you don't wanna ask! trust me! lol)

Now Other child is late for the bus and I have to drive him......It's going to be one of those days! And to top it off, last night I dropped my curling iron into the toilet!!!! I loved that curling iron!!!! it 'sat' in there longer then expected, the first reason was I couldn't get over the fact that I dropped it in there in the first place, the second reason was it was still plugged in and turned first reaction was to stick my hand in there after it (knowing better!!!) then I stopped myself saying,"Ok Kim...what were you thinking??" so I just made a mad grab for the cord and yanked it out of the wall.

And did I mention that I woke up this morning to a recently deceased hamster in my freezer??? In the immortal words of the Beatles............"Strange days indeed!" and it's only 7:35 in the morning!

Good news is the DH slept in this morning, so maybe I'll get some breakfast out of all this! lol lol lol



bmorrrick said...

OMG Kim,  what a morning!!  Think maybe you should crawl back in under the covers and stay there? (ha)  You and that curling iron....the stories you could tell!  Sorry about the kids hamster, how sad.  Did you know it was in the freezer, or opened the door and found such a shocking thing?  School is already out here and the Grandbabies are loving it....sleeping in and lazy days ahead.  Hope the rest of your day improves after a morning like that!

Take Care,

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buggieboo1 said...

I have had mornings like that, minus the dead hamster in the freezer and only I have dropped a curling iron in my eye! I recoomend NO one try that one!
Hope your day is better!


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This entry is a perfect example of why god invented the Bloody Mary. I hope breakfast was yummy!