Wednesday, May 31, 2006

100 things....the next 25

The next 25............

I'm not fond of green vegetables, zucchini, lettuce and cucumbers is about it for me!
I don't eat fish or wild game but I am married to the great outdoors man!
After 20 something years with my Husband I am still a mystery to him and I like it like that! lol

Science was my favorite subject in school
I am terrible at all sports.......last one picked to do anything! lol But I throw a mean Frisbee! lol lol lol
I love the smell of rain.........wet bricks, wet pavement, love it!

I am too stubborn for my own good

I don't share chocolate......with anyone! My Bad! lol

I don't like open too many scary movies where the person is trying to get away and a hand comes out and grabs the ankle.....scares the be jeebies out of me every time!

I can watch any spooky movie with the sound turned off.....once the music starts to's the mute button for me! lol lol lol

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate (go figure) and peanut butter

When I was pregnant I craved slices of bologna filled with whipped cream

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are still my favorite comfort food

I once jumped off of a bridge because my friend dared me too.........sorry Mom! lol lol lol can you say ER?

I haven't worn a dress in 10 years

My favorite meal of the day is BREAKFAST!! lol

I am totally captivated with thunderstorms.......I want to see it, hear it and feel the thunder!

I collect Black Amethyst Glass

I couldn't imagine not having a dog......I've had several in my life since I was 7 years old!

I would rather see a spider run across the floor than a centipede!

When my walls go up , they are up for a very long time!

I'm not very good at taking my meds.....I skip alot!

I don't have a green thumb!

I very rarely hold anything back

If I could, I would slow dance the rest of my life


psychfun said...

OMG...Bologna & whip cream that has got to be the worst craving I've ever heard! HA! That should be an entry alone...what people craved! Could be interesting! HA!

Reminds me of this God aweful prof I had in college. I'm a SR taking a blow-off home ec class just for credits to graduate. I didn't speak amongst all the FR all year until the woman stating there is no such things as cravings when you are pregnant. I rolled my eyes & saw not one FR was asking a question on this! UGH! I couldn't help myself...being almost a double major in psych by then. I asked "what research do you base this on?" The FR were like "She is alive!" Ha! The woman says, "I had 2 boys & never had an cravings, so woman who say they do are just using the excuse to overeat". Well, of course I went off on her. I said thank God we don't need research to prove anything in life or otherwise we would.....blah, blah, blah....yes you do something so idiotic like that & you deserve everything you get! HA!

imshadowraven2 said...

chocolate now we r talking i dont share mine either and i always have i know why i find you so enjoyable to read that an u are an awesome writer.........Robin

bmorrrick said...

EEEEEEEEEWWWWW....guess this is the first time I ever heard of someone eating a combo like that! (ha)  Of course my Mom had a weird craving when she was preggers though, she craved AND ate raw coffee grounds.  Poor thing, when the craving started the third time she didn't realize she was preggers till then, and broke out in tears....(ha)  I'm with you on the music, it's such a dominate part of my life.  This was another great entry Kim.

Take Care,

dreamingbrwneyes said...

No woman in her right mind ever shares chocolate, its just a rule not to : )
"If I could, I would slow dance the rest of my life"..... I love that, if only life could be one long slow dance with our perfect partner. Although I guess for some it is.
Thank you for visiting, I was very touched by your comment. Your journal is a great read!!!
~ Jenny

siennastarr said...