Friday, May 26, 2006

2nd Wives Club (7)

The next big "Incident" didn't take place until the following summer, there was a lot of lil things that happened, but easily forgettable and without much annoyance..until the "High Chair" incident! lol

Jim's Mother had bought a fairly expensive high chair for Melissa when she was around a year old, being that the child was 3 and a half when the 1st wife moved out of the house, she left the high chair stored in their basement. When the time came for my daughter to need a high chair Jim graciously let me borrow Melissa's old one. Some how the 1st wife had a problem with me using the high chair, I'm sure she found out innocently through Melissa who was now 4.5 years old, that I had the high chair. So this starts her trip back to my Mothers house, the house she didn't remember coming to drunk, and didn't remember my Mother's fair warning......Gotta love my Mother! She had 3 rules for people.....Don't mess with her money, don't mess with her dog and never, ever mess with her kids! lol lol lol

Picture a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, early summer. I had just returned to my apartment from spending the night at Jim's my cousin had spent the night at my house to baby sit my daughter, it was a planned over night stay at Jim's it was our 1 year dating anniversary. The night before we had gone out for a formal dinner, then went dancing then back to his place. Since I didn't pack an over night bag and I didn't feel like going home in my dress and high heels from the night before.......I made the drive home in Jim's flannel, Jim's socks, Jim's underwear (lol!) and a pair of his sweat pants. No sooner did I get home and start taking off the sweats to grab a quick shower that I heard my Mothers front door bell ring............the dreaded door bell! lol lol lol

My Mother opens her door and finds the 1st wife standing there yet again, the 1st wife still apparently has no idea I have an apartment with my own entrance. My Mother says, "Look! I told you before whatever problems you think you might have with Jim, you were not to bring them to my front door" Now of course 1st wife has no idea what my Mother is talking about, so when my Mother closes the front door in her face she yelled, "BITCH!" to my mother through the front door. Even in my apartment, I could hear what she said and was now on my way up to my Mothers place to let loose some of my own pent up aggression......mind you all while I was still partially dressed in Jim clothes. On my way up the back stairs I hear my Mother's front door open again and here my Mother flying out of it and the 1st Wife flying down the front steps!

My Mother can handle her business, I tell ya! lol lol lol


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wtg, MOM!!!

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YAY MOM!!  I'd have loved her!!

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I would love to be your neighbor