Friday, May 26, 2006

2nd Wives Club (Finale)

What I forgot to put in the last entry was when were all trying to explain what was going on the cops that morning, the 1st wife kept saying "My Husband this" "My husband that" so I had heard all I wanted to hear and I also wanted the cops to know that there were in the middle of a nasty divorce and that is when she turned to me and said, "Divorce? We're not getting a divorce!" for a moment my world fell apart. That is when she informed Jim that she stopped all divorce proceedings 2 months ago!!!! Since she was the one who filed she could rescind at anytime....he of course did not know, he was never notified and neither was his attorney.That following Monday he petitioned the court for a divorce himself.....this was yet another one of the reasons the divorce took forever.

A couple of weeks after she was finally served divorce papers. Jim has spent the night at my apartment. When he went to leave my place the next morning he's brakes mysteriously weren't working, we didn't have any suspicion yet, it wasn't until the next night while his GTO was parked outside of my apartment while his other car was being fixed that the brakes of the GTO were also sliced. This wasn't petty stuff anymore.........not only was Jim and I at risk so were our children....we all drove in those cars! Even her own daughter could of got hurt, now you tell me would you find all this easy to get over? Just forgive and forget? I didn't think so!

She attacked my Mother, she tried to run Jim over with her car, she slandered my name all over the place, she referred to my child as the 'Bastard' child who was only 9 weeks old when I started dating Jim, she either tampered with the brakes of 2 cars or had someone tamper with them.....this wasn't your normal 1st wife, 2nd wife problems.

This is the woman who when she found out that Jim and I finally married 6 months after their divorce was final, called the house screeching as to why wasn't she told we were getting married? I told her "I didn't know I had to clear my wedding with her!" and when she called us a couple of years later to tell us that she was getting remarried I told her that I was happy for her, that we truly wanted her to be happy, that maybe if she was happy  she would leave us to be happy too. That lasted only a year or so, then she started things up again and has repeatedly lied to her 2nd husband to make sure things stayed "stirred."She has him believing that Her and I used to be best friends since high school and that one day she came home from work early to find me in bed with her husband!!!! (1) We were never friends (2) we didn't go to High School together(She's 2 year older than me anyway) and (3) I didn't even start seeing Jim until 10 months after she filed for divorce. She neglected to inform DH#2 that it was She, that was caught cheating on Jim. In the begining we thought either she hid that freakish side of her real well from the DH#2 or he was just as insane as she is.........he's just as insane! lol

This is the woman who was so engulfed in jealousy that when I gave birth to our last child, who finally was a boy, she left a message on our recorder while I was still in the hospital re cooperating from having him and then having my tubes tied. Her message was something like this," Congratulations Jim, you finally got the F***ing boy you always wanted! I hope your happy!"

This is a woman who went through 4 attorney's before her divorce was finally because she repeatedly lied to them and the judge was getting angrier and angrier when they weren't able to prove anything because all the information she gave them to go on were lies.

This is the woman who had remarried and just given birth to their child but called me crying on the phone that she still loved Jim and that she now knows that she was the reason that the marriage failed that of she could just spent sometime with him and Melissa alone to make up for it...........yes, you are hearing me right, she was asking me if she could spend time alone with my husband and make it all up to him.............scuuuuze me? This is not a time share! you got him, I get him, you get him back again.

This is a woman who called my home to talk to Melissa and unbeknownst to her my recorder had recorded her entire conversation because Melissa forgot to hit the stop button when she answered the phone and the poison that came out of her mouth toward me and my babies, which she denied over and over again until I played the recording back to her. On that recording she attacked my children, calling my oldest a fat little bimbo (she was maybe 10 at the time) calling my son a beast (who was and/is a beast at times but he's my beast and I am the only one who gets to call him that!) All this is said to her 13 year old daughter who loves me  her M.O.M (My Other Mother)  and her siblings very much. This is where she told Melissa that she was there long before me and will be there long after we are gone! Like I'm going somewhere! lol

These are all but a few of the things that I have had to put up with for the last 20 something years, why? Because I love Jim and Melissa very much. There was a time about 7 years ago where she extended the 'olive branch'to me. Everyone tried to warn me not to trust her, but for the sake of Melissa I did, even Jim warned me not to trust her. In the end her true colors showed, she again tried to hurt me and my chidlren. That was the only thing about her that was predictable, give her enough rope and she always hung herself. I hadn't spoke to her since then, I told her to never call my home phone again, that if she needed to talk to Jim about Melissa then she was to call his cell phone, but never, ever call my house again and speak to me or one of my children!

So know for her to call me after all these years and serious incidents and ask that we all be able to but the past behind us, seems insane!.....I guess it's easier for her, Jim and I didn't do one damn thing to was all brought on by her. I can and have always been able handle what life threw my way, but when you attack my Mother and my Children and put the safety of my Children at risk (cut brake lines) those are a few things that are unforgivable!

No....I'm sorry I can not put all this past me, I don't have to! forgive what she did? Never! Forget what she did? Never! Ignore her the rest of my life? That I could do!

What I told Melissa through all this is, I will not be responsible for ruining her wedding, I will be one my best behavior, I love her and this is an important day in her life, but I did warn her that I will not sit back and let either her birth mother or her future SIL ruin this day for her either. They can duke it out all they want, but they better not upset Melissa in the process.......cuz that is when they will be dealing with me! ;)

Loving Jim came at a cost, a huge cost but he is well worth it! Oh yes, Jamaica ought to be very interesting! lol lol lol


ajandersonnotary said...

After your last entry, I almost wanted to say you should give this woman a little slack.  After all, it's not just gonna be the wedding you're gonna have to face.  Afterwards there's bound to be some grandchildren to think about and you're going to have to deal with her even more often from now on.  But after reading this last entry--that is just too much.  If everything you've said is true (and I have no reason not to believe you) she is not to be trusted.  All you can do in this situation is try your best to avoid her.  Good luck!!

bmorrrick said...

OMG Kim!!!

I just now got caught up with your journal.........and honestly, it sounds like something out of a movie script!!!  Unbelievable.....that woman is a piece of work....I couldn't help but laugh in parts....other parts were horrifying.  Thank God no one was hurt with the brake incidents.  You have definitely put up with a lot, and it explains so much about your apprehension with the upcoming wedding. I hope she doesn't try to ruin Melissa's wedding.....poor little thing, it's supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life, and she is probably so stressed, wondering what that crazy woman may do.  I really admire how you handle your life, no matter what is thrown your way!!  Your loving care was a Godsend for Melissa....many children who deal with step parents are not so blessed!

Take Care,

psychfun said...

GEEZ! I thought my ex sister in law was bad but she lacks those few extremes...she is not much behind her though! I would not make nice either! I would be on my guard! If Melissa knows all this she should be the one to tell her mom sorry not after doing all this and set boundaries for her. You know what someone already mentioned is a potential problem. If she can't cause trouble with you guys anymore she may start with Melissa's in laws etc. That would be sad but she might. Melissa we'll have to make some very adult decisions soon. Hey...check out the Jamaican never know so smaller things may be against the law & she just might find herself touring their lovely jails! HA!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Boy it sure sounds like it...I feel so sorry for Melissa...I think it is great that she has someone like you in her life....I wish you all luck...most of all Melissa...praying this will be the wedding of a life time for her...Hugs to you...I so enjoyed the read...Take care...TerryAnn

dwhee70041 said...

Kim,'s been quite an adventure.  Hurt me once, shame on you, hurt me twice, shame on me.  I have some friends with white jackets, maybe there is one that will fit her.  I'm glad you vented.  Thank you for sharing.  May God give you peace.  David

am4039 said...


lazarai said...

Well, Kim, I've gotta hand it to had grounds here for SOME kinda crime against her. But you handled it all really well and all along showed Jim that at least THIS time, he picked a classy lady!!

Thanks for sharing...I always love your tales!!

:) Carol

candlejmr said...

YOU COULD WRITE A BOOK!  Actually, maybe you should.  You could probably make a mint!  

This wedding should be very interesting.  Does Melissa still get along with her mom?  She sounds like she would be too sensible too put up with her mom's crap.

Keep the stories coming....they are very entertaining!  (I forget his is actually your LIFE...sounds more like a soap opera!  lol)


siennastarr said...

Wow!  I just got through reading the last 4 entries, and all I can say is, you have the patience of a saint.  I say that, because it's not easy marrying a man who already has children, but when you have to deal with the psycho wife from hell on top of it, then it makes it even harder.  I'm so happy that you and Jim worked through and past all the BS this woman threw your way.  I'm happy to know that Melissa (even through all the insanity that is her mother) has turned out to be a wonderful, sweet young lady.

I hope the wedding goes down without a hitch, and that you all have a wonderful time in Jamaica!

Great story!  You told it so well.. and I go so caught up in it!  I felt like one of those nosy neighbors out sweeping their front porch!! :/


sunnyside46 said...

I know it must have been hard for you....hard for Melissa too.