Friday, May 26, 2006

2nd Wives Club (8)

Well, I guess because of the other incidents involving the other 2 women Jim had dated before me, the 1st Wife thought I would high tail it and run.........WRONG! So far the other incidents didn't happen when I was around. The first visit to my Mothers door, I slept through, I was not present when she then continued her early morning visit over to Jim's house the same night. But this time, I was there and I had a few things I wanted to make perfectly clear to her now too!

What struck me as funny when I finally got to the front door of my Mothers house that Saturday morning was here is his bad ass 1st wife  was actually flinching from my Mother's wrath. I literally had to hold my Mother back, actually we both took turns holding each other back, at the end of the day both of our arms had bruising due to holding each other back! LOL The first thing out of my mouth when I saw her and heard what she was saying to my Mother was, " I've been waiting for this moment a long time!" I went after her, she took off down the porch steps again. This is when I noticed Melissa was sitting in her car (1st wives) parked at the curb. I called Jim and he was there in under 3 minutes. He didn't live far, we were neighbors.

During the ensuing argument that was taking place for all the neighbors to see which by the way of course had everyone deciding that they had to sweep their porches, or rake there grass or check their mail boxes while all this was going on....everybody loves a good public display family dysfunction as long as it's not their family! lol

That's when I saw Melissa getting out of the car and trying to make a mad dash to me when her Mother grabbed her by the hair and told her that she was never going to that "whore's house" again where as Jim in his least notable behavior grabbed Melissa by the arm and they actually started a tug-o-war with this poor innocent child, I had enough........I called the cops! This had to stop immediately....Melissa was scared and crying. Thank God this now grown adult ( Who was 4 when this happened) has no memory of that day!

Cops came and were about to cuff Jim when I went off on them......I  am the one that called the police, Jim was at my home because I requested he be there, she was the one trespassing and causing a disturbance, so they let me explain what was happening and they still weren't sure what to do in all this mess until they asked to see thechild and the high chair.......Hmmmm! high chair and 4 year old child...the 1st wife kept referring to Melissa as "My baby needs her high chair" when Melissa was asked to step out of the car and give her age, they saw that she was not a baby in need of a high chair and let Jim go. They now dealt with the 1st wife as if she is crazy (well no duh!) and when this was finally over I went and got the damn high chair and gave it to her....I'll buy my own damn high chair thank you very much!

Did you know anyone could stand on the public sidewalk of your home and yell and scream all they want because that is public property? But if it snowed and you shoveled said public property and they fell and got hurt they could sue you?? Crazy I know! They way not to get sued is to not shovel then it's considerd an act of nature.......I had an act of nature I'd like to show her! lol lol lol

All was quiet for another week or so.


lanurseprn said...

WOW!!  She sounds like a true NUT!  Can't wait to read the rest!  

dwhee70041 said...

I agree, I probably would have been sweeping off my porch too.  Way to go, woman!  David

thinkingoutloud said...


you are so right about the neighbors;0)finding any reason to be outside.

the 1st wife sounds certifiable. Totally!


psychfun said...

Ya...act of "God" might help! HA! I would have made her try to put Melissa in like OJ glove thing...though not that I say that makes him innocent but...and told her you would call DCFS on her if she is putting a 4 yr old in a high chair. Too bad this wasn't all videotaped for a judge to see. I wouldn't give her any visitation rights!

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sunnyside46 said...

oh no