Saturday, June 10, 2006

So, How's your Karma?

I have never been a "Why Me?" person.......when something happened I always knew the "why" part. Playing the "Victim" role was something I never did. Usually when "Murphy's Law" happened it was because of a mistake or a lack of action on my part before it happened. Knowing this early in my life kept me from becoming one of those "Why Me?" kind of people. I usually always say to myself when a known "Why Me?" person starts their whining "I'll tell ya why you!!!!" Sometimes I share it sometimes I keep it too myself, usually when I share it they end up agreeing with me! lol lol lol

I never question when good karma smiles down on me too....I try to live my life doing the right thing every day, I try to always put out good, knowing good will come back to me and usually when bad karma comes back and bites me in the ass, I KNOW the reason why.......I never question with a "Why Me"

I do get sometimes annoyed with people in my life who "whine" about the good luck and good fortune that has smiled down on me most my life, like I shouldn't receive it. I get asked if I have a "Horseshoe up my ass?" all the time....I answer with a no, it's more like a shamrock tattooed on my ass that helps (My Bad!) Or how lucky I am, how if there is something to "WIN" and I am involved in it, I usually win....nothing major, but always more sour grapes from those who didn't win.

I go out of my way to be polite and friendly to pretty much everyone I meet, I let cars turn in front of me (when I'm not the one in the hurry) I let people get in the grocery line when they have way less things than I do, no big deal. I smile at everyone who makes eye contact with me, I don't lie, steal or cheat....I ALWAYS point out the case of soda or water UNDER my cart, when I get over paid in change, I point it out to the cashier, I hold the door for those that need the door held open to them, I don't litter. I never "see a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck" I leave those for those who need their wishes if it's a $20 or something my philosophy is every woman for herself!!!! lol lol lol

I truly believe you get back what you put out in put out good and/or positive and that will come back to you, you put out bad and/or negative and that is what you get back, usually that is how the "Why Me?" can get traced back to you.

Life is good and I am blessed.......I try to remember that everyday, I try to take nothing for grant it, and when I find that I have, I will make up for it.......I'm humane and I make mistakes, it's accounting for those mistakes that separates the "Why Me's?" of the world from the ones that take their "lumps" quietly and gracefully as they come along in life.


nolefan38 said...

What a wonderful and positive out look you have on life, I truly believe that it always comes back to you in some blessed way, have a great day!!!!!!   Sherry@>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

mzgoochi said...

this is a good entry Kim. I'm shamed to say it, but I learned this lesson late in life and am still struggling with it daily. some people are raised "trained' to be the victim. i look back to my childhood and I remember all the adult women always crying or complaining about something. always in a bad mood, more anger than happiness. Quick to fight. If someone was smiling they would get asked "what are you smiling at"? in an accusing tone. like it was a bad thing to be happy.

I have two aunts left and they smile a lot more now but they still do their fair share of why me's? LOL Neither of my uncles like me because I tell my aunts to leave their sorry asses and they'd be a lot happier and have 99% less to bitch about. LOL


lanurseprn said...

What a great attitude you have.  I do believe that you reap what you sow.  If you put out kindness than you will receive it back.  I've also seen people who are just plain angry at life and take it out on everyone around them.  It's amazing what life throws back at them!  I remember during my divorce, my ex was absolutely EVIL.  It was amazing the evil things he did.  I just kept telling myself that if someone is that evil, it will come back to him someday, somehow.  Sure enough, here it is TEN yrs later and he's a mess.  An absolute mess!   And I gotta admit....I don't feel sorry for the guy!  I start to...and then I remember what he did to me back then.  It came back to him.
Good entry ....made me think.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I agree 100%  I have said to myself several times Terry...make better you have a great weekend.  TerryAnn

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jmorancoyle said...

    I always say that what comes around, goes around. Be decent to others, and they will be decent to you. There are times in one's life, though, where this is a little hard to believe. Still, this is good advice. Good entry, too.

cneinhorn said...

yep yep what you said and back at ya!  agreed 100%.  :)

mastersblynn said...

I love the way you think!  Great entry! Barbara