Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's official...I'm no longer.........

It's official.......I'm no longer allowed in polite society until whatever I am going through runs it's course! My Mother was finished with menopause by the time she was my age, my sister who is a year older then me has been going through it for 18 months I'm guessing this is menopause and I will confirm it with a blood test when I get back from my trip.

Yesterday the DH finally gave in to my pleading about buying some new clothes. I would say we have gone shopping together maybe 2 times in the 20 years we have been together. He hates to shop but this time he made me go with him and like a tired, spoiled brat I whined the whole time......a tantrum thrown by a 43 year old woman is not a pretty sight, but I could not help or stop myself....I am spinning out of control. After all was said and done I have to admit he listened to me this time and pretty much bought everything I liked and didn't buy one single ugly shirt! lol And I have to say he looked HOT in his new style of clothing...........You know you married the right man when every time you see him, you'd hit on him all over again! lol lol lol

We ended the day with a late dinner.....bitchy girl (that's me) wanted steak and the DH took bitchy girl for steak and shrimp. Bitchy girl wanted off the menu the garlic filet mignon medallions with the garlic grilled shrimp, but bitchy girl didn't want all that minced garlic on top, so bitchy girl asked politely if they could make the dish without adding all the minced garlic on top (I'm talking about a tablespoon of minced garlic added as a garnish on top) It's not as if I needed to keep werewolves away or anything....I just didn't want to taste that dinner for the next few days.........bitchy girl also ordered a margarita on the rocks to take off "the edge" or "The chip" on my shoulders I was carrying around with me for the last few weeks.

I was quite calm by the time they started serving....that is until I saw all the minced garlic all over my food, that I specifically asked not to be there........mistake number one right?? Oh mistake number two came right after that..........when I pointed it out to the waiter and without a blink of an eye he said, "Well, you can just scrape it off right?" where as the other Kim would of said, "couldn't you just take it back and have them make me a new order without the garlic like I asked?" But NOOOOOO bitchy girl said (without a blinkof an eye) "Well, can't you just stick it up your ass?? minced garlic and all??"..........OHHHH bad form bitchy girl!!!!!

Needless to say I am taking myself out of polite society until I land in Jamaica and let the beauty of the island sooth the savage beast that has taken over me........Jim said something like, "If you keep this up you will be spending the whole time Hannibal Lector style.......straight jacket, lovely leather face mask and on a dolly!"      OHHHHH MY BAD!!!!!  lol


Bleckkkkk!  The tan lines???? lol lol lol


ashleekr said...


mawmellow said...

LMAO..........gawd i love you !!!

imshadowraven2 said...

ROTFLMAO oh girl i know exactly where your coming from i have been going thru "the change" for about 22 months and sad to say but bitchy girl will be with you for awhile. But to be honest it can be very

nolefan38 said...

You are so funny!!!! I hate when things like that happen, my first hubby told me I had to always change something and I was to picky, but hey if I go out and pay for it they should make it like I want it. I sometimes feel like I should just say GIVE ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO HAVE, because sometimes that's all we get. lolol

sdoscher458 said...

Jeez, the gals in your family go through this very young. I didnt start until I was in my early fifties..and I ocassionally still get a dam hot flash even now.  Oh well, do go to the doctor when everything settles down..there is stuff that can help...Sandi

wipforever said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!  Oh NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!

You poor thing!  I hope they brought you a LOT of chocolate after that one to calm you down!

Hugs from afar (after that, do you think I want to get too close?),

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happysunshien said... are too too funny and that is so something I would have said...lmao....hubby tells me the older i get the more I act like my i have been mia lately..


randlprysock said...

Steak n shrimp!!  We had the same craving a few days ago and splurged.  Dang it felt good though.  Glad you had a fun shopping trip and got all the good shirts for your man!!!  Mine won't buy any clothes either.  I have to dress him and feed him.  SIgh. LOL Hugs,

dornbrau said...

Well, personally I didn't think your comment was out of line at all.  Of course I'm kind of pre-menopausal myself but thats beside the point!

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mzgoochi said...

LMAO Kim, I'm sorry you're going through this but I couldn't help but to LMAO at what you said to the waiter. ((grin)) you go girl!!


dreamingbrwneyes said...

And everyone tells me your 40's are your best years, I guess they lied lol I hope the beauty of the island has calmed the beast, but atleast you have a man that you know loves you either way : )
~ Jenny