Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Well, alrighty then!

I was talking to the children recently, they were all coming to realize I was not as psycho as most of their friends Mothers........I was thinking this was a good revelation. So then that got us onto the subject of TV Mothers and who was a most like. I'm still kinda on the fence on thinking if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but here goes.........lol

Between the four of those little darlings, I have the same traits as

Marge Simpson and Lois Malcolm of "The Simpsons" fame and "Malcolm in the Middle fame"............THANKS! Lil Jimmy ( I see therapy in his future! lol)

And what did my 3 lovely daughters have to add to this?? I am a cross between Peg Bundy, Roseanne Barr and Lucy of the "I love Lucy" fame ( I see therapy in my future! lol)

Well, if I am the one who raised them and they are in charge of raising my future grandbabies..........God help us all!!! lol lol lol


mawmellow said...

Aren't you glad they love you?  Otherwise, imagine the comparisons ?  LOL gotta love 'em !

plieck30 said...

Just stopping by this morning to see how lilchit is doing and I see you are acting like Peg Bundy. Watch it! Paula

randlprysock said...


dwhee70041 said...

Kim,  You have me wondering...I'm going to ask my boys what TV dad I am most like.  I hope none the the current ones!  LOL  The image of the dad has really changed since I was a child.  Smiles, David

ann7inflorida said...

Peg Bundy is my HERO! I would totally take that as a compliment. At least no one said Mommy Dearest. My oldest calls me that...she thinks she's being -cute-. I just keep thinking about those horrible eyebrows. ; )

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jmorancoyle said...

    At least they didn't compare you to Edith Bunker or Morticia Addams.