Thursday, June 1, 2006

100 things....50-75

I like my steak medium rare and my eggs over easy

I love the scent of lilacs

I prefer Spring over all the other seasons

I have family photographs in every room of my house

I used to be afraid of cruise ships but I have no problem flying! lol lol lol

My first car was a Toyota Celica

The first car I bought myself was a baby blue camaro

I love hot and spicy food....the hotter the better

I am addicted to IHOP's butter pecan syrup

I love all kinds of music....from Rap to Bluegrass

I believe in spirituality but do not agree with organized religion

My ideal man beside the DH of course would have to be Sam Elliot! I fell in love with him in the Movie "Mask" with Cher..I loved the way he walked, I loved the way he talked, I loved the way he looked at's the same way Jim still looks at me after all these years!

I have seen every Bette Midler movie........I love her!

I have kept every card Jim has ever given me (and he has kept mine!)

We eloped...the marriage counts not the wedding! ;)

I drink my coffee and hot tea with extra sugar.

My nextel is rarely ever off....I want me kids to be able to reach me when ever they need to reach or night!

My house can't run properly without paper towels and bottled water

I'm a messy housekeeper......I can co exist with a few dust bunnies happily

I prefer Comedies....not into all the blood and gore kinda stuff

I like my movie popcorn with extra butter and a box of raisonettes thrown in.......and this is not a craving! lol

I didn't have an imaginary friend when I was little, but I believed I could fly but only at night....I remember I had a lot of dreams about flying through the neighborhood while everyone else slept

I love chocolate chip cookies either right out of the oven or right out of the mixing bowl

I had no fear as a child, but the older I get the more I worry about healing time!! lol lol

I prefer neutral, solid colors in my home and with what I wear.....I don't own too many clothes with prints


bmorrrick said...

I just love this "100 things".....I've seen it in a couple of other journals too.  It's so interesting to see what people's likes and dislikes are.  I agree with you completely about Sam Elliott....although I discovered him in "Lifeguard", when he was even younger.  He definitely has a special "something"....guess that's why his marriage to Katherine Ross has lasted all these years! (ha)  That was touching, when you said your hubby still looks at you like's wonderful to have such a romantic, great marriage, isn't it?  So many people don't have that. We are truly blessed.....

Take Care,

lanurseprn said...

That's the movie that I fell in love with Sam Elliot too!! LOL!

mawmellow said...

hey....i saw Sam Elliot FIRST !!

psychfun said...

I love lilacs too & feel the same way on spirituality.

dklars said...

I fell in love with Sam Elliott in Mask, too!  His voice is heavenly!  I think that's what I like about him most.  I could have written most of your list, we have a lot in common.

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