Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crashed and Burned.....good thing I bounce back quick huh?

Ok, I finally have crashed and burned. The stress of everything has caught up to me, Our oldest daughters wedding is less than two weeks away, the trip is booked, the limo to the airport is arranged, I dealt with the insane 1st wife (still more to come), I have scrubbed, polished and/or threw out the stuff in my house I have been meaning to do for the past year and the In-laws arrived late yesterday afternoon. With everything that has been going on my immune system took a beating and I ended up calling the Doctor. I love my Doctor, I have been with this practice for 14 years now, they know me and they know that I know myself and how my body works.

Stress will someday be my body turns on me when my stress level is high, I will usually have a few seizures brought on by powerful migraines, usually after a few bad seizures my short term memory gets shot, the joints in my body will become painful to the point that it hurts to walk let alone use my hands....I need to get calm and stay calm, I am hoping that calm will reach me after the ceremony on the beach, in Jamaica. The doctor gave me a prescription of xanax to get me through the upcoming being confined on an air plane in close proximity of the DH 1st wife. That one little pill will be what prevents me from getting up close and personal with her and the air marshal! lol lol lol

4.5 hour on the plane with her, then say another..7 hours for the wedding and the ceremony and everything will be right in my world once again......well up until the day after we get back and I have to load up the truck and take the last two remaining children living at home on a road trip south for the DH's annual family reunion....Ok so after a week at the In-laws and the road trip back, I will be able to relax....hmmmm I wonder if they Doctor will give me more xanax for that??? lol lol lol Couldn't hurt to ask right??? I think after all this vacation I am going to need to take a vacation on my own.....anybody got a spare room? Let's just say for maybe 2 weeks or so??? And can I bring my pooch?? lol lol lol


mzgoochi said...

Damn Kim, I'm sorry this has you all stressed out. You can come vacation at my house and you can bring the pooch too. Don't worry about the xanax, I have plenty for us both. LOL

Hang in there girl, it'll all be over soon. Try to enjoy what you can of it.

What I wouldn't give to visit Jamaica. you lucky dog!! LOL


hadonfield78 said...

Dear KIm, I am glad you got some happy pills to see ya through this....
They are marvelous little things at times....  he he he
You have a full plate of things in your life.
Please take care of yourself.......
We care about you.

ashleekr said...

Awww, Kim, take care of yourself - I hope Jamaica is wonderful!

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cneinhorn said...

Seizures?!  OMG be careful girl.  Pop them Xanax and all will be well.  Breathe. Enjoy the wedding and try not to worry to much about the X.  blech to her!  

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bmorrrick said...

Oh my goodness Kim, it's no wonder the stress is getting to ya.....and your poor body sure reacts to it!!  I'm so glad you have an understanding Dr. who helped you out. I just wish he had a magic pill that would make the Ex invisible to you! (ha)  I hope you will be able to truly enjoy the beauty of your daughter's wedding and also the beauty of your surroundings.....can't wait to see pics and hear all about it.

Take Care,

sunnyside46 said...

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Come sit on the porch with me. The sun is warmand we'll watch the birds and toss the ball for the puppies.