Sunday, June 4, 2006

Life as a wedding crasher! lol lol lol

I had the best time yesterday! There was a wedding on the beach out at the lake and we crashed it! And when I'm talking about we, there had to be 15 of us!!!! They had karaoke instead of a band or DJ and of course being the stage mother in training that I am becoming, I signed up baby girl, Rachel to sing.......we thought for sure they were going to ask us to leave after that, but they loved her and she was a big hit and they asked us all to stay and share in the open bar and to let my baby girl sing all she wanted!!!! After hearing a few of their guests singing themselves I can totally understand why they wanted baby girl to sing!

They had a guy there who was awesome, he sang everything from Bon Jovi to Bob Segar and there was a woman there who did a mean Proud Mary and Bobby about an aerobic workout, ever try dancing in the sand?? Kicked off my shoes and danced, danced, danced!!! We came home a lil after midnight and let me tell you this Cinderella was pooped!!! I actually slept until 9:30 this morning!!! I haven't slept that late in I don't know how long! When I woke up Jim was already back out on the lake, gotta love the nextel two way........."Jim, Come and take me out to breakfast please???" I thought we would of been able to sneak away without the 2 younger kids but as soon as lil Jimmy heard "breakfast" he was out of his teenager coma and ready to go with us.

Then Melissa and Tony came out for a little bit to see if they maybe wanted to have their after the wedding party out on the beach too, but Melissa said it was a little too Redneck for her!!! Kids.....they don't realize until later in life that if your with good friends and family you can have a good time anywhere you're at, it doesn't matter the surroundings!!! lol lol lol

Well, I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend too! Friday night was a quiet night out at the lake, today was a boat auction and then the guys played a few rounds of "Bow darts" It's similar to darts like you play at a bar, but the target is bigger to accommodate using bow and arrows. I can't even pull my son bow back so I would be dangerous even attempting to play that game...Hell, I'm dangerous with the bean bag game as it is!

Until next time.........


lanurseprn said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!

rap4143 said...

What fun!!!! And you did not have to go out and buy a dress and present!!!

nolefan38 said...

Enjoy reading you--- sounds like yall had a great time.

ann7inflorida said...

You sound like a lot of FUN!!!

am4039 said...