Monday, January 16, 2006

Trouble in Paradise?? Naa!

Uh oh! Trouble in paradise? Naaaaaaaaaaa!

DH's place of employment has offered him a position in what he calls Nirvana......otherwise known as Wisconsin! Now, don't get me wrong I like Wisconsin, but damn it they have bears there!! And I ain't having nothing to do with bears. Well except for the Chicago Bears, but after last night's loss to the Panthers, that is nothing but a fleeting moment of what could of been.

When DH and I first started dating we talked about everything! We talked about future children, where we wanted to live, where we wanted to visit, and all of our favorite things. The only thing that we never discussed was were we would like to retire to. I had visions of out west, somewhere warm and picturesque and he had visions of dairy farms, lakes and north woods country. We should of talked about this before we married! lol

Green Acres keeps running through my mind now........Dahhhling I love you but give me Michigan Avenue!!!!!!!! (I'm a Chicago girl! What can I say! lol)  I am not cut out for country living, it's a nice place to visit, but I have no intentions of living there! lol And I have an INSANE fear of bears and Wisconsin is loaded with black bears! I can't even let my mind go there!

Over the years since we married, we have talked about were we wanted to go and spend our golden years and his choice and childhood dream has always been Wisconsin owning sometime type of lodge on a lake and it does sound lovely in my mind, but hello! BEARS!!!!!!! Now with the job offering to relocate him there I keep saying, "See ya on the weekends love!" His job won't be in jeopardy if he turns down the position, but his marriage might be if he accepts it! lol Me and my daughter are vetoing this move ( along with our older two daughters who live nearby us now) and my son, my only lil boy, the lil traitor that he is, wants to move to Wisconsin too! lol

So the other night DH is having trouble falling asleep, so he decides to get up out of bed and makes his way down to the family room. Now being that he is like my security blanket when I sleep, now I can't fall asleep! So I make my way down to the family room and what do I catch him looking at on line?  Real Estate in Wisconsin!!

I just say, "See ya on the weekends love, I'm going back to bed!" So for all those that are out there in a serious relationship right now and are planning on getting married, PLEASE make sure when your looking into your future, that you both end up in the same state after retirement! lol lol lol

My zip code will never include BEARS! Well, maybe Koala' lol lol


sunnyside46 said...

Grin and BEAR it! LOL!
good luck solving this dilemma!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

The things we don't think about when we get all twitterpated  all we see is dancing hearts.  Good advice on the talks about the future.  But, we all know that usually don't enter our minds when we are all mushy and in love.  I am sure you will both work this out.  Take care and have a great week.  TerryAnn.

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psychfun said...

Where in WI do they want you to go? I have a friend in a suburb of Madison & it is lovely. I don't think there is any worry of Bears there. It all depends on where. Now if he really wants to do the lodge then then? But he can drive to work & you can live in their suburbs! Ha!

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sdoscher458 said...

I've been to Wisconsin, it's rather pretty. I lived in NIles Illinois, loved Chicago too...but my hubby loved lake fishing, deer and for vacations quess where we went? Speaking from experience don't move away from your kids either...if I could change things I never would of moved out of state from my grown kids.....I'm missing too much of their lives....tell hubby "time & people" are what matters....Sandi

gdlywom said...

I hope you two make your decision soon.  It's nice to have a spouse who is willing to talk about those things.  Making a major move like that can be a strain on the marriage, but you two will work it out eventually.  Good Luck! LOL

shayshaydc said...

Wisconsin is nice... I have never seen any bears!!! Go for it!!!!

gitemaussies said...

I live in northern WI and occasionally we see bears but believe me, they stay clear of people.  I'd be more afraid of the neighbor than any bear!

mawmellow said...

i personally believe that your retirement zip code should be 72756 !!