Monday, January 30, 2006

"Drive By" Photography


Illinois Barn 2006



Wisconsin Barn 2006


My attempts to capture a passion of mine "Old Barns" while speeding through the roads between Illinois and Wisconsin at 75 miles per hour........Now of course if it was something that captured HIS  attention we'd stop long enough to get that "Perfect Shot" Some things never change huh?? lol lol lol

I love the aged effects that old, falling down barns have. The wood is worn of most of it's color and it always makes we wonder about "days gone by."


ashleekr said...

Great pics, Kim!

thisismis72 said...

so glad you shared these with us, I too love the old barns.
I will have to take a trip soon just to get some shots, I should go see my papa anyway.

sunnyside46 said...

i always wonder about the stories these old structures could tell.

rap4143 said...

I want to go shooting with you.  I have the same interests as you :).

mlrhjeh said...

I have enjoyed reading your picks this week.

I especially enjoyed your photographs.

I hope that you will visit my journals sometime.

Mary Louise

mariebm56 said...

I love old barns too, but if you ever visited my Journal, you would already know that!

siennastarr said...


toddanddoc said...

Great pictures!  My husband wants to do the same thing and then frame them for the house.  You've given me inspiration!

am4039 said...


shayshaydc said...

My mom loves riding down the road and taking pictures of old barns!!! Wait til I show her these pictures!!!! Great Photos Kim!!!

deslily said...

i've always loved old barns too.. nice, nice pics!   many times i wished i lived in an old barn (fixed inside of course heh).. i think part of the attraction for me is the countryside they are found in too..

jmorancoyle said...

    As usual your photos are great. I've tried that drive by photography. All I get are streaks. Photography is not my strength. Still, love Wisconsin and the Dells, and I am surprised just how much Illinois there truly is everytime I leave Chicago. Take care.