Monday, May 30, 2005



This is a picture taken of the sky right after a storm system passed through our area Friday night. It reminded me of what my youngest child, my son had said to me once when he was around 3 years old.  We were caught out in a storm in our car and the sky did something very similiar to this, he said to me, "Mommy do you see that?" and I said, "I sure do!" and said,"That's what God looks like mommy!" It was one of those moments where everything was right in the world for a brief  period of time, We all just watched as "God" shinned down on us for a few minutes. I Thought what a very profound statement to made from a lil 3 year old child.

This shot was taken while a bunch of us (friends and family) went to a local county stock car race, I hadn't been to the stock car races in about 15 years, I'm not fond of racing but my DH and my Son are die hard race fans even if its a local stock car race (they must be addicted to the fumes!) lol Little did I know that they were still looking for someone to start the race off by singing the National Anthem. What would the Mother of a 13 year old star in the making do? Why offer up her daughter to perform the national anthem for about 1500 stock car fans of course! As soon as the first note was out of her mouth you could of heard a pin drop, I always like to watch the crowd when she starts singing, they all look around at each other with their mouths open with disbelief that a voice like that came came out of a 13 year old girl! The applause at the end while she hit that last note and held on to it was almost deafening, they loved her! The announcer reminded the crowd again that she was only 13 years old and then he said, "I do believe we have the next American Idol in our midst people!" I of course had tears rolling down my cheeks! (I'm such a blubbering fool when ever she performs in public) She was invited back to sing anytime she wants too! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! lol

Saturday was spent out at the lake, we had a pig roast going on and I dragged out Rachel's karaoke machine for the night time festivities, the kids and even the adults had a good time sitting on the beach with a raging bonfire going all night and the smell of roasted marshmellow to make s'mores and great music!

Sunday was topped of with a pancake breakfast at the lake, and a kids talent show with performances including....A Saxaphone player, Oboe Players, Clarinet players, Singers and even some hulla Hoopers! We even had a magician scehduled to perform but I guess his nerves got the best of him and he bowed out via Mom. We then moved on to a horseshoe tournament, another big spread of food under the stars in the pavilion and another night of karaoking around the bonfire!

Now for today I think we are all going to spend it together again, just a lil quieter a lil slower.......maybe spend the day fishing....but then again we still have the karaoke waiting for us! lol lol lol

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sunnyside46 said...

sounds like great fun!
I get chills thinking of Rachel's singing.
Mariah used to see the rays of sun coming from behind a cloud were "godfingers"

plieck30 said...

I got cold chills reading about your daughter singing the National Anthem. I could almost hear her. Hope you had a nice holiday. Paula

awen1122 said...

BTW, I love the God comment your son made.  And how very true!!!!

awen1122 said...


brandyp0509 said...

You sound like an awesome mother!  I can "feel" your emotions from your words, which is beautiful!  Thank you, Brandy

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angelm0304 said...

The picture is just so beautiful.   Isnt God amazing?!!  If I ever get blessed with a daughter of my own someday- I can only hope that she will be blessed with the gift of a beautiful voice like your daughter.   Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the lake!
Have a great day