Sunday, May 22, 2005

Turtle Rescue 911

We spent the weekend getting the beach at the lake ready, and before the tractor could get out there with the huge rakes on the end to clean it of all the winter debris, the kids ran out to do a baby turtle rescue first.


So with plastic yard rakes they went along the waters edge along the tree line and found about 7 babies that needed to be relocated before they were crushed beneath the tractors weight. My son brought along my camera and he was able to capture the rescue up close and personal.......think he's got his Mommsa's eye! lol


Cutest turtle in the world don't ya think! lol


paisleyskys said...

What cool little creatures, so glad you took the time to flush them out.
Have a greatday!

mawmellow said...

seeing that pic of that baby turtle brought back a flood of childhood memories of going to Minnesota for vacation every year.......and the great "finds" that i would discover......i remember still to this day, my mom flippin over finding a baby lizard type creature in the bathtub......those were the days!  

angelm0304 said...

So glad the cute little turtles where rescued.  Have a wonderful day!

mzgoochi said...

Aahhh, poor lil guys! Glad someone cared enough to save them.