Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Sports!

John Scalzi



This is a shot taken just a few hours after my Son saved his cousin Michael, who accidently fell off of a pier while fishing and went under. I am so very proud of my Son, he did not panick, he did not go into shock but most of all he did not stand there and watch his 10 year old cousin go under for a second time. He immediately threw himself down on the pier so he he could hook his lil cousin under the arms and hoist him back up onto the pier, who by the way weighs just as much as himself (he called this super power) lol and then once he knew his cousin was safe he took off running to get an adult to take over. My Nephew can swim but only like something that resembles a doggy paddle and only as long as he can still touch ground even if its by the tips of his toes. He was trying to net a fish, but lost his balance with the net and the weight of the fish.

My Son is into all kinds of sports but fishing, archery and shooting is where his passions lie. He lives for summertime and long lazy days spent at the lake. You can bet he will be teaching his younger cousin how to be a better swimmer this summer!


riverdaughter196 said...

Your son is a hero.  

dornbrau said...

That is an awesome story and will probably bond the cousins forever.  My cousin almost drown during a snorkling trip with me and decided to use me as a life raft.  He almost drown me in his panic but I was able to get him calmed down and get us both back to the pier safely.  He is in his 40's now, with 3 children, and he still makes a point of thanking me when we see each other.

stephweiss said...

Good job, Son!!