Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shadows of the Woods





I hide in the shadows
as I walk in the forest
I go in deep, so as not to be seen
I find solace there
Everyone runs and calls my name
but I remain silent....
Not wanting to be found.

To be one with the woods
hidden from the busy comings
and goings of a hectic world
I like the shadows of the woods
they protect me well.
I hear them....... pleading
come out... come out
where ever you are
waiting..... patiently for their
breath of fresh air
but my breath is

I'll wait for the moment
that I need Sun on my face
then I will emerge refreshed
maybe even more enlightened
from my time spent hidden within

KMH 2005


imshadowraven2 said...

as i read the poem i so know where  u r coming from it was beautiful...........Robin

joolsinwa said...

I wanna hide too! very nice!
~ Julie~

courtenaymphelan said...

I was thinking parallel thoughts this morning;alhough not quite as poetic! I feel my heart has been cut  open by thevents in my life. I was drawn to these woods to place a bandaid on my fractured heart. The wood  surrrounding my house cover me and hide me from further infection like a bandaid!....When I am healed I will take the bandaid off and choose to live in the sun. At that point, I will build a sun room to watch sunsets I now have to walk to the end of my driveway to see beyond the dense trees surrounding my home. courtenay

imperfectlyavg said...

I like this poem!  After the week I've had, I really need my own woods to walk in.  What a great metaphor for the things we do to get away from it all!