Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Wildflower" edited



Oh to be a wild flower
and dance in the wind
to feel the full sun
on me as I raise my face
up to the wild blue

To be chosen by someone's
beloved to be gathered
up in a lovers hand
to be given so freely and adoringly

To be pressed into a book
as a folded memory
to be experienced a new
with each turn of a page

Oh to be a wild flower


kmh 2005


imshadowraven2 said...

oh so pretty picture and poem. U have talent a plenty my friend..........Robin

patti4keeps said...

Nice picture and poem you are a very creative person I liked your poem ......Patti

cneinhorn said...

love the poem and photo to go with it!


courtenaymphelan said...


yeolecontractor said...

Such a pleasant quest
daunting to say the least
but being pressed inside a book
might allow one the peace.

To be passed on in love
producing smiles by the shower.
Makes one even more valued
like this lovely write,"Wildflower".

A lovely and touching write.