Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I feel a new change coming on, I've been in what I call a funk for the last few weeks and for the first time in a long time I found myself getting frustrated because I couldn't figure out the cause of it. I'm not unhappy at home, although parenting has its trials and tribulations. I do believe I was one of the chosen few and found the man of my little girl dreams early in life, but something was gnawing at me and I was starting to get paranoid about it.

I started asking myself questions that I thought I had already settled about myself and I hate second guessing myself more than anything, I am a very intuitive when it comes to me and my life, but I kept getting this strong feeling of foreboding and it really started getting to me, so I shut down and spent a lot of time alone soul searching again. I am settled with my past, there is nothing back there that can hurt me now at this stage in my life, I see no drastic changes coming in my future, vibes are good. I liken it to how I get in the fall when I know winter is coming, I don't do well in the early months of winter, I go into my own hibernation.

I think I finally had a good read on what it could be......I think maybe my daily life is getting a bit to mundane which happens when your caught in the "tween" time with kids, some able to fend for themselves and some still needed Mom several times a day......it's like you see the clearing up ahead but it's still a ways off, kinda like what a race horse must feel like when it's in the gate and ready to run. So I made plans with girlfriends for the middle of the week slump....the time when you are rested from the weekend before but its not time to get excited about the weekend coming up.

Yesterday afternoon, some of us girls got together and hit a new outlet mall in the area, (what fun!) then had a martini break in between, and the owner of the establishment was kind enough to have a taste test a few new appetizers he was planning on adding to the menu.....can you say YUMMY!! We tried to get him to let is taste test some more martini's but he wasn't going for that! lol Then we did some more power shopping and then went off to a fabulous restaurant that has a Cuban/Miami feel to it. Nothing like the sound of running water, some great fresh seafood and a few more martinis to top of the day!

I have to admit it was funto do a spur of the moment get together .......and shop and fine dine! We decided we should do a girls night out dinner once a month in the middle of the week, no kids or hubby's invited and every month someone picks out the restaurant to share the experience with friends, sounds like fun huh? And finally at 42 I am not so quick to say "YUCK" on trying new foods lol.... I tried escargot on the cruise in February with the girlfriends, I didn't care for it but I'm glad I tried it, this month so far, I've tried oysters Rockefeller, calamari and mahi mahi.........only 1 yum and that was the Mahi Mahi! who knew???? They blackened then steamed it over an open flame on a cedar plank and it was served with some type of Caribbean salsa on top, fresh veggies and dirty rice.......YUMMY!

Things to try when given the chance

Midnight Martini - Chilled glass, raspberry vodka, raspberry chambord, a splash of sprite and a few fresh black grapes

Peprocini appetizers - wash and cut about one inch from the stem, clean out cavity, roll some smoked mozzarella into a strip of
Prosciutto dipped in any flavored dipping oil and serve chilled!

Yes, I think I might of found my 'GROOVE' yet again........feels good to be back! lol lol lol


joolsinwa said...

good for you!
~ Julie~ http://journals.aol.com/joolsinwa/randommusingsofmymind

shooser1 said...

Mmmmm!  Sounds like you had a wonderful time!  I think scheduling a night out once a month is a good prescription.  Good luck!  Sheila  PS  I love Chambord on the rocks!!!

sunnyside46 said...

hey nothing like a night out with the girls, right?

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imshadowraven2 said...

Well im glad to hear it i have to admit i have been worried about you!!!!

mzgoochi said...

Ok, What's Mahi Mahi? I've tried calamari, didn't like it. I don't think I would like escargot either.

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dragonspirituscg said...

Well, welcome back to your groove and all.  I hope it stays that way for you and things keep working out.  KJ

cneinhorn said...

the midnight martini sounds divine....I've been in a funk too...comes and goes...I'm glad you are getting your groove back girl :-)