Monday, February 21, 2005

Weekend Assignment

Weekend Assignment #48: When Pets Attack!  

By the end of the story you won't be able to tell who really attacked who!!!! lol

  Cat-napping in process  

 For those of you who don't already know, I have my own business....I started a business 7 years ago mostly out of boredom, and for some crazy reason I didn't think raising 4 kids gave me enough to do....I started my own Pet Sitting business. I have a clientel list totaling 75, it's just like having grandchildren, you get to love the pets, play with the pets then send them home when it's time! Some of the animals vacation at my house while their 'Other" family is away on vacation or business and some of the animals stay in their own home and I visit them 3 to 4 times a day as requested by their 'other" parents.......I'm kinda like a Foster Mommy! lol....This story is about "Lucky" a Golden retriever and the "Cat" that lives with him! lol  

 Lucky is a sweet, adorable and very affectionate golden retriever that I take care of in his home while is family is away, they always told me there was a cat that lived there with him, but I never seen a cat......Oh there was evidence that a cat lived there alright, I put food and water in a dish every morning and every night the food was gone, there was even evidence left behind in the litter box, but still no signs of a cat.  

On the last trip, on the last day of me taking care of the pets, I just returned walking Lucky and entered the house through the big garage door, just as I closed the inside house door on lucky for the night, the over head garage light went out and I heard a meow from inside the garage........Uh oh! Somehow the cat got into the garage while I was either taking Lucky out or brining Lucky back in.....So here I am, in the dark, trying to get this cat to come to me,  you see the light inside the garage was burnt out, so only the overhead garage door light worked for a few minutes at a time whenever the door opened or closed, so I am crawling around the garage floor, saying, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty" and this cat will not come anywhere near me, how do I know? I hear the bell around it's neck going back and forth under their truck still parked in the garage.......then I see a shadow dart outside........uh oh Bigger trouble! The cat has left the building!  

 Now this cat is sitting in the bushes that spreads through out the whole front of the house, I am getting the "chit" scratched out of me but not only the bushes but this cat too! My arms are all cut up, my face is bleeding, and I have all kinds of foliage stuck in my hair and I am now covered in dirt! I finally get this cat, who I have never seen before locked safely in my arms and when I open up the house door to put the cat back in.........their cat is sitting inside the doorway looking back out at me! No wonder this 'other' cat is attacking me.......he doesn't live there!!!!!  

Now as I'm wrestling this 'other'cat to try to read it's name and phone number on the tag around it's neck by only the light given off by my cell phone.........first call......"Do you have cat named Tinkerbell?" we don'! (How rude!) a few more minutes spent wrestling with this cat again to get the right phone number, more scratches, more of my blood drawn!...second call.....teenage boy answers........"Do you have a cat named Tinkerbell?"....."Uhhhh yes".... "Ok, I found you cat and I'm at such and such address, could you please come and get your cat?"........"No lady, just let her go, she's an outside cat, she can get home on her own".......Click (GRRRRRR!)  

So I put the cat down and back into the bushes she runs and I return to my truck a lil beaten and bloody and to tell you the truth a lil worn out over the wrestling match! I walk into my own home a few minutes later and my husand says, 'What the hell happened to you?" I said, "you wouldn't believe me if I told ya".....he leaves it at that! lol  

I find out the next day......right after I pulled away, Lucky's family pulledup, thought it was their cat too and went through the same ordeal I did!!!! lol  

Now I know where that old expression came from.........."LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN!"


imshadowraven2 said...

I have been reading your journal for awhile now and even recently started reading it to my bestfriend and we have come too one conclusion Girl you gotta write a book...............keep on writing i need the smiles....Robin

deveil said...

That Tinkerbell was a stinkerbell!  That was a great story, I loved it. thanks for the comments in my journal and sending me the link to yours, I'm loving it.


yakima127 said...

This story is hilarious!  JAE

cneinhorn said...

great story!


mzgoochi said...

LMAO Very funny story. Have you ever noticed how a cat scratch stings almost as bad as a bee sting?