Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Packed and repacked

  OK I've packed and then had to unpack and move on to a bigger suitcase, it's my shoes that are killing me, I have to have shoes and then a handbag to match ever outfit ya know! lol...........all the way down to the accessories! I almost need a separate bag just for my shoes and purses!  

  While surfing the net about where we are going in Baja California on this cruise, I came across a travel advisory for all Americans visiting the northern boarder towns of Mexico......American tourists seem to be the targets for get rich quick schemes of kidnapping, even the unlicensed cab drivers are getting in on the action, they will hold you against your will and make you empty your ATM account before releasing you.....so much for a care free excursion huh?    

I think my Husband is weighing the pro's and con's of me being kidnapped and held for a ransom, more closet space for him and no one to tangle up his fishing gear anymore. But he thinks in the end they will release me because I talk to much! lol    

Since it will be just a bunch of us girls, we won't be wandering around as much as we planned on doing, so much for taking off with my camera and going off the beaten path for a few good shots. With my blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin and freckles I will surely stick out like a thumb and a sales woman I met yesterday, who traveled to where we are going in the fall, said her and her husband were marauded by young groups of kids to buy silver where ever they went, they were even chased a few times.     I also read about an American Woman who lived on a house boat and traveled back and forth by sea to where we are going for 20 years who was arrested and held in jail for 18 months for purchasing legal doctor prescribed medications in Mexico (cheaper) in 3 month allotments because of her time at sea. The law in Mexico states that she needed a prescription from a Mexican Doctor not an American one so she was treated as a drug smuggler and the American Consultant would do nothing to help her, her Fiance had to beg every other agency to help get her released and it still took them 18 months to get her into a prisoner exchange program where she could finish her sentence in an American prison where she would at least be given her medications. She was traveling with a 3 month supply of her seizure meds, (which I take) and anti anxiety meds which I will be taking for the first time because of my irrational fear of cruise ships.    

 I'm thinking maybe we should of opted for a cruise to Alaska now.........gulp! lol 


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I'm sure all will be well...enjoy!

astaryth said...

I spent over a month in Mexico City with the circus in 2003, and I rode the subway (yes, subway) back and forth from where the train was parked and the building we were playine. AND walked to and from the subway station from both places. Sometimes alone, often in company. G. and I went to a lot of local 'artist' malls, visited the pyramids, and wandered around down by their huge City park where the Zoo is located... We had absolutely no problem!! BUT, both of us are dark-skinned and dark haired. Although we didn't look 'Mexican', Mexico has enough diversity that we didn't stick out. If we didn't speak, I'm not sure they didn't know we didn't belong <g>. Mostly we were dressed in Jeans and T's and we were going back and forth to work.... I'm sure we didn't look like "Rich Americanos" <LOL>. Also, we were traveling the subway, not getting Taxis, etc.

Just travel in groups, don't wander off alone, take only State 'approved' Taxis... Also, the cruise line itself has some interest in keeping you safe, use their reccomended modes of transportation!!!!

And, above all, HAVE FUN!!

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I took a weekend cruise to Ensenada a couple years back. It's not all that bad. But, it can be if you're not careful. However, there is something going on in Tijuana so I hope you won't be anywhere near there. They've had 30+ unsolved murders of female Americans there. Just be careful, I'm sure you'll do fine. :-) ---Robbie