Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mexican Out Door Market


This is the Mexican Out Door Market up in the hills, where you could buy anything from clothes, to jewelry to prescription medications (without a prescription) They had knock off designer bags along with free shots of tequilla in every booth. The salesmen were very aggressive with you outside the booths in trying to get you to come in, you had to be very stern if not rude to get them to stop pulling on you and to get out of your way. It was very colorful there and the smells of the kitchens was enough to make you mouth water. One of the girls bought a poncho for $25 bucks and just 3 shops down they were trying to sell us another one for $160! Oh we had our game faces on and of course we won....I got him to come down to $20! lol talk about mark up! lol


maidothemist said...

i dont like that agressive thing. It was like that in Nassau too. i want a ponchoooooo LOL ! Welcome home- I am enjoying the pics and the commentary@!

yakima127 said...

20 dollars from $160???  WOW!  What a bargain!  Sounds a little chaotic to me...but good, fun chaos?  JAE

mzgoochi said...

can you imagine how many tourist get ripped off there? I wouldn't handle the aggressiveness too well. someone would get hurt. LOL