Friday, February 18, 2005

Desperate Housewife Cruise (3)

I figure I better write at a much faster pace before I loose too many of the good little details! lol

There are several places to dine on the cruise ship, even though we had signed up for the early dinner 5:45 pm in the formal Dining Room, we didn't feel like going back to the cabin and freshening up from our long flight out there, and we sure as hell didn't feel like putting on our formal wear just yet, so we chose to eat in the Paradise Room, it was up on the lido deck and it had an indoor and an outdoor buffet, where you can eat under the stars if you wish, but it was a little to chilly that first night to eat outside.

It wasn't until we were seated and enjoying our dinner when the ship finally set sail, and for the first time I actually felt the ship sway, I decided it was a good thing that I had used my motion sickness patch which was small enough that it hid behind my ear. It was a weird sensation to feel your body being pulled back and forth in opposite directions and there wasn't anything you could do to stop it. I didn't feel sick just a lil weird.

Jims first rule was to not go out on deck by myself at night, but I couldn't help it! I wanted to see how dark it was out there and if I could hear the noise of the was surreal to say the least. I decided to call Jim on our Nextel 2 way radio to see if for 1, I could reach him and 2, to tell him I could definately feel the swaying, he didn't think I would and that the ship was large enough for me to not even feel like I was on water....but boy! I felt it! lol Now this is the same man who told me to NOT only go out on the deck by myself but to stay away from the rail if I did, and now he's telling me to look over the rail to see how high the waves are!! EXCUSE ME??? LOOK OVER THE RAILING??? ARE YOU CRAZY?? DID YOU TAKE OUT A HUGE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY ON ME OR WHAT?? He quickly came to his senses when I reminded him that if something happens to me he will be stuck raising the last 2 of our children on his own and one is a 13 year old girl on the cusp of pmsing....does he really wanna deal with that without me??? He said, "GET BACK INSIDE RIGHT NOW!" lol lol lol

After dinner we took off to the Casino to see if lady luck was smiling at us and of course she had her back to all of us that night, so we ended up at the night club........I think I may have 'sprained' my groove thing on the very first night of activating it again.......Alls I know was I was moving kinda slow in the morning as a put on my sweats to go for a morning jaunt around the ship and search of a dear old friend.......COFFEE!

To be continued

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