Sunday, February 20, 2005

Desperate Housewives Cruise (5)

After a bit more shopping and a bit more dancing in the streets we finally were driven back to where we could get back on board the ship, after presenting our ID's and our Sign and Sail passes which were encoded with our information and a picture of us and one last stop to leave any alcohol (bottles) you might of purchased in Mexico (later to be returned to you when cruise was over) we boarded and headed back to our cabin to get ready for dinner, tonight we were having our dinner in the formal dining room with our new friends from California.

After showers were complete and the cabin was over powered with the scent of our perfumes and hair sprays....we actually had to have our cabin door open during this process! We were ready for dinner. The nice thing about traveling with girlfriends, is if you forgot to pack something or wanted to borrow something to problem! we swapped everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry......felt like High School again but without all the drama! lol There were plenty of places on board this night to have your pictures taken (professionally) with all kinds of back grounds and settings.....we opted for the one with the cruise ship in the background and some of the other girls had personal shots taken between to pedestals with roses, I chose not to since I hate having my picture taken, I'm much more comfortable on the 'other' side of the camera.

Dinner was excellent and I even tried escargot.....never thought I would eat snails but they were surprisingly ok, I expected them to be a lil slimey like sauteed mushrooms but they were more 'meat like' in texture....would I ever order them again?.......No, but at least I tried them....still can't get over that! lol I'm sucha a picky eater as it is! lol

After dinner our new friends joined us for cocktails then we all decided it was time to karaoke..... and sing our little hearts out, we did! It was much like watching the beginning of American Idol.......applauding the talented singers and there was this 20 something couple that could give the artists on the R and B charts a run for their money! They were fantastic!!! and then there were the ones that we sat stoned faced (ok sometimes not so stoned face were a few giggles escaped!) inwardly cringing at those that thought they could about nails on a chalkboard! yikesssssss! Afterwards we hit the casino again.

Ever since we started out on this lil journey the number 13 kept coming up, it was the number in the row of seats on our first flight out, it was the number given to us when we boarded to find our boarding pictures later, it came up a few more times where I can't remember the details so we thought lets give it a try on the roulette wheel.....we put $20 bucks down on it, the wheel went round and comes the lil white comes the number 13..........the ball hops into 13....then with one hop....into 24 it slides! drats! That would of been something huh?? $720.00 bucks on just one bet! The night ended up in the dance club again and we paid for it again the following morning.....I'm getting to old for this! lol

The next day was to be spent at sea, so I woke up early as usual and washed up a bit, put on my swear suite again and hit the tracks then breakfast, the other girls are not morning people let's just say, so I loaded up on caffein sitting up on the lido deck,  people watching for awhile.....when I returned to the cabin a little later , I brought back coffee for the girls as we got ready for the day.....Hmmm what kind of trouble can we get into today??? lol

To be continued....


dklars said...

Are we going to get to see any pictures?!

anarchitek said...

"put on my swear suite again" I know this is a typo, but it so fits in with the story line!!!  Great description of the trip so far, can't wait for the next installment.  Bruce  and