Sunday, February 6, 2005

Marvelous Night for a Moondance

I decided against my Husbands better judgment and went ice fishing with the guys, he seems to have a longer memory than I do........I now remember why I am not an ice fisher woman. It's cold and wet and very very slippery! lol I did manage to pull out a few fish though, even with my frozen fingers and runny nose!   And as usual I either messed up a few of my Husbands things or completely trashed them. He even threatened to squash me into one of the ice fishing holes if I tangled up any more line or lost any more bait without the benefit of it being trapped in a fishes mouth! I refuse to touch a wax worm.....I have my limits ya know!

It seems every time he takes me fishing either winter or summer I manage to destroy "something" of his that he has had since he was a boy and I get that "I've had that (insert item here) for more than 25 years, used it all my life and I give it to you and you either break it, tangle it or loose it in the water!" speech. It's not like a secretly wake up each morning and wonder what to trash of his each day right?? lol  

There was a time were he wanted me to go hunting with him, he quickly recanted the invitation because he said he knew he would be the one wounded if I held a weapon and besides I can't kill anything that wouldn't be trying to kill me first and cammo is not my color! lol And I don't think I could sit still that long or be quiet.........he'd probably end up shooting me to put him out of his misery for suggesting I tag along! So we mutually agreed I had no business in a tree stand and he has no business in a mall.  

I did like being out on the lake walking around though, it is an unusual feeling to be walking were you normally have to be driving a boat and with the quiet blue of the night it ended up being a marvelous night for a moondance. We had a roaring bonfire right out there on the ice and plenty of Hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps to keep me warm! If you enjoy mint meltaway candies from Fannie May then you have to try a hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps........yummmmmmy!  

 I just wish I would have brought warmer boots, a comfortable chair and my camera! There's always next time! lol


astaryth said...

Hot Chocolate and peppermint schnapps..MMMMmmmmmm!! Also try it with Khlua <g>... I get cold easy, and bars are cold enough in the summer, let alone winter time, so I got into drinking my alcohol in hot cocoa instead of in something that required ice in the winter...

swibirun said... 5 y/o has been obsessed with it ever since he has been able to express his preference for clothing.  No one else in the family wears it so I don't know where it gets it from.  About half of his clothes are some form of cammo.  


dornbrau said...

Funny... I am a fisherwoman and a hunter... and I have never EVER had the desire to go ice fishing.  With my luck I would fall through, and besides, where would you pee?

krobbie67 said...

Better you than me. I don't think I could stand the cold that alone would send me down the hole. But, I do love hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Try cinnamon schnapps (liquor) next time. I got the idea off another journaler and it is out of this world! :-) ---Robbie

hkezelecole said...

I have trashed a few things of my husband's too.  I got really mad at him one day.  I asked him to pick up this bucket that sat in the yard and he ignored me for I don't know how many days.  So I picked the bucket up, whipped it into the shed and broke about 2 or 3 of his model airplanes (ooops!)  I think they were the ones he built as a kid.  Maybe next time he will listen.

Doubt it though!!!

My husband would like me to go hunting with him too.  But he won't let me bring a book.  What else would he expect me to do out there anyway?  

mamadozier3 said...

I go Salmon fishing every October with my hubby, mother and father. I know the feeling! I will try your Schnapps idea. I never thought of that! It gets so cold, sometimes I wonder what the heck and I doing freezing my butt off for a salmon that I am not even going to eat? Just because it is a get away with my hubby...thanks for sharing this story!