Thursday, February 17, 2005

Desperate Housewife Cruise (1)

Ok, we flew out of Midway Airport at some un-Godley hour with a connecting flight out of Atlanta, Georgia. (Don't ask me why we flew in a south east direction first, to then fly west, I didn't book the flights and we flew for free) We all were totally sleep deprived due to staying at a Hotel the night before closer to the airport so we could all travel together by Limo in the morning, We were scolded in the hotel bar at sometime due to the contents of our conversation and for the use of some profanity...........Oops....we bad!

We next continued the party in the suite after the bar closed down at 1:00 am only to have security called on us again because we all broke out in a case of the giggles around 2:00 am....Sleep happened somewhere around 2:30 with a wake up call at needless to say we were still a lil rowdy on the way to the airport, The flight into Altlanta was uneventful.....the flight into LA was the flight from hell for me at

Up one seat and to the right of me was a lil girl about the age of 13, and she decided to be my new best friend the whole 5 hour trip! Think Rainman trapped in a 13 year old girls body......Hi! Hi! Hi! Whats your name? Where you going? Who you with? Take off your sunglasses I want to see what color eyes you have! Are we almost there yet? do you see land yet, you know that there are people up in first class that are going to the grammy's (I swear I saw MC HAMMER! lol) Do you know what elevation we are at?.......The whole time I'm thinking this is why I left on this trip in the first place was to get away from my kids and now I have this sweet annoying child firing questions at me and I even tried to pretend to sleep where she reached back and poked my in the leg saying Hi, Hi Hi all over my girl friends are laughing their butts off and quietly thanking God it's not them.....and I just want to parachute off this plane....her Father sat right next to her the whole time, I'm sure silently grinning to himself better that lady than him....I think my ears started to bleed half way through the flight!

I was never so happy to see California.......She was definately challenging my sunny disposition, but I couldn't be rude to her, it's not my style......I only bring out 'Bitch' on an as need basis and this lil girl didn't need to meet that part of me.....but that part of me was lurking just under that plastered smile on my face.

We left that gate in a hurry and went downstairs to meet our limo driver and retrieve our luggage...happy to see everyones luggage arrived right along with us. I cracked up when I asked the Limo driver his Was James! So I finally got to say......"Home James!" and of course it was a fully stocked bar in the limo, so with the sun roof open on a day that was filled with cloudes and a few sprinkles, everytime we pulled up next to another limo we rolled down our window and said. "Pardon me......but do you have any Grey Poupon?" I'm sure we annoyed everyone, but we sure laughed alot, James enjoyed us so much that he asked if I would request him for our return trip back to LAX.......I said SURE!!!!!

To be continued


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anxiously awaiting the next installment ;-)


mzgoochi said...

Grey Poupon? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted to do that! Did the passengers in the other car say anythng in reply?

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You are off to a good, fun fun...and more fun...Sandi

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How absolutely fun!!!  Can't wait to read the next entry!!