Thursday, February 10, 2005

Goldylocks and the 3 suitcases

I had everything packed on Monday, everything except the things I need that I will need up to my departure later today, it was all packed with care in my smallest suitcase, I mean I am only going away for 5 days right? Then on Tuesday I tried to add the shoes and handbags that I still needed to be packed in there too...........small problem........not enough room for problem I got out the next size suitecase and repacked the clothes, the small travel toiletries added the shoes then the handbags.........there done! 

By Wednesday afternnoon I remembered everything I forgot to pack.........uh oh! medium problem........ran out of room (again).....ok drag out the largest suitcase........carefully repack clothes, put matching shoes into matching handbags when possible, add travel toiletries, add blow dryer with difuser......I can get away with using my Husbands blow dryer until I leave, add curling iron, add straightening iron......hey I'm a versitile girl...I like doing different things with my hair on a daily basis.....packed accessories for all outfits......I might even have room for my pillow with this suitcase! lol Oops almost forgot to add perfume....Chanel #5 for dress up, Davidoff for casual days and then my stand by since High School Halston......I still love that stuff and since I have used it for 25 years I think it's part of my DNA by now! lol

Now alls that I have left to pack is my carry on bag with the things I can not be seperated from in case my other bag gets lost......tooth brush, hair brush, tooth paste, make up bag MY CAMERA and GEAR, a book or two, (not that I plan on reading but just in case), my good jewelry and a couple of little things my two youngest children gave to me so I wouldn't forget them.........AS IF!..........I have stretch marks to always remember them by! lol lol lol


Bon Voyage!


dornbrau said...

Better to pack it and not need it, than not to pack it and NEED it!  Have a safe and wonderful time.

krobbie67 said...

People who pack ahead of time amaze me. I am a stay up all night, pack at the last minute, packer. However, if time permits I do make a list of all the outfits that I intend on wearing and compile a list of items to take. Ha! Last time I didn't even have time for that. I ended up taking dirty clothes even and washing them once I got there. But, I was staying with friends and family.

Hope you have a great trip! :-) ---Robbie

astaryth said...

Sooooo organized!! I'm one of those stand in front of the closet and throw stuff in packers <LOL> And I always take more clothes than I need somehow <g>. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! And take LOTS of pics!!

clean1096 said...

Ok what the heck switch to a travel trunk and pack me in it and take me with you it's cold here !!! .......LOL .............. Have a great trip.....Diane

mzgoochi said...

Bon Voyage Kim!! Have a safe and wonderful holiday!! TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS FOR US!!!


dklars said...

Have Fun!  Can't wait to hear all about it!

kathlyna22 said...

haha! Have fun!
I have worn the same perfume for years!
It's our trademark as ladies!

sdoscher458 said... have a ball! Sounds like a lot of fun..enjoy, enjoy....Sandi

memedecarlis said...


cneinhorn said...

Bon Voyage!  :-)