Friday, March 9, 2007

They say........

They say that after awhile people start to look like their pets, I'm wondering if that's true or tell me! lol lol lol


Boo wearing Goldylocks..........Me wearing Goldylocks! lol

Ok, enough of being ultra sound came back very good, they still wanted to review my mammogram, there is definitely a lump, the tech that did the mammogram said the results warranted the ultra sound.....GULP........And the tech that did the U/S was a student in training and asked if it was ok for her to do the U/S, then the Tech she is training under would come in and do the U/S too, I thought 4 eyes are better than two so go for it! They took the U/S to the Radiologist and because of my personal history with Breast Cancer and the fact that it was sooo aggressive she too wanted to do the U/ about covering all the bases...6 eyes to check and double check....alleviated a lot of my stress.

When the testing was over I was told I could pick up a CD Rom of the U/S but that they wanted to further review the mammogram. That did raise a little red flag, but whatever it is.... and I will once again do what ever I have to do to spend a lil more time with my Jim and my kids. My Surgeon Dr. Hottie is returning from his vacation today so I should be getting some news very soon. What gives me comfort was last year with the left breast, they told me right there in the mammography and ultra sound room that I had cancer, I didn't hear that this time so I'm not to worried. On the 14th I still have to have that test to check for cervical or uterin cancer due to the abnormal pap test result. While I was at the hospital for the mammo and U/S, I stopped over at the Cancer Hospital and talked to the Oncology nurses...they said very normal for that to happen even up to a year......that was music to my ears!

I was recently told about another J-Lander from the other side of the pond who has been given the Breast Cancer diagnosis and I know how much your love and support helped me keep my head above water so please stop on by and show her some love!

Thank's Bill for letting me know about Jeannette!

Jeannetes Jottings


ravenjuiced said...

Glad to hear there's no bad news off the bat. Love the shot of the pooch. I can't get my dogs to sit still long enough to snap a picture, let alone wear a hair piece. You look great in that picture.


wipforever said...

Love the photos!  I'm so happy to see you still have your sense of humor!!!  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers on the mammo and U/S.  We like having you around as much as Jim and the kids! :)

Love and hugs my friend!

inquestoftruth said...

Hey!   Your dog DOES look like you!  lolol
Kimberleigh....I don't comment much, but I do pray for you....and I believe in prayer.

lazarai said...

Awesome news so far....thanks for sharing.

Your dog photo -- too funny, Kim!!! I love your sense of humor.

Have a great weekend!!
:) Carol

kirkbyj05 said...

I love the shaggy dog look....Lol!   Hoping and praying for a positive outcome for you.  Jeanie

chat2missie said...


astaryth said...

First... the puppy is too cute in your wig <LOL>

AND... Yeah on all the good news with the tests. Sounds like everyone is being -extra- careful (which is a GOOD thing)!

mariebm56 said...

Cute doggie pic!
Keep up the good attitude~

lindaggeorge said...

Sorry, which one is you? lol.

Good luck with everything, things are sounding optomistic.

Linda x.

plieck30 said...

Yep you and your dog look alike except your face is a lot smoother. Darling picture. Sending good wishes and prayers your way. Paula

kidzmakeucrazy said...

lol, you defaintly did NOT lose your sence of humor,
how just is that pooch??  VERY..
Take care and thanks for the link, MISSY  

lanurseprn said...

Wow you're working on both ends between the mammo, US, and Pap.
Sounds like they are just being very cautious with you. They don't want to miss a thing. That's very good.  Sounds like you are in very good hands, Kim.

dwhee70041 said...

Boo looks like a real cutie!  Aren't dog wonderful!  Our prayers are with you always.

pippa1116 said...

i LOVE that picture!!! lol lol.  you are probably right about the U/S being fine.  The pap is probably gointo to be fine too.  
have a great day


lsfp1960 said...


blazensun said...

Kim I hope your results come back with a negative result and let you know you are now cancer free. My prayers are with you.

unicornsteph80 said...

The pictures are adorable. I hope your test results all come back okay. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

princesssaurora said...

Sending prayers and good wishes!!!

be well,

ajquinn354 said...

Kim, both of you goldylocks are gorgeous to look at.  They say folks and their pets look alike - at least Boo isn't a bulldog looking beauty.

Hang in there, glad the ultrasound came back good, keep positive, my Sis has had several things come up since her breast cancer both with her mammograms and her pap tests and each time, it turned out a-ok, so keeping positive its the same for you dear....Arlene (AJ)

stupidsheetguy said...

Now while the resemblance is startling, lol, it's your heart that never ceases to amaze me! I'll go see Jeannette


gandsbrock said...

LOL!  I see you are enjoying your new camera!  You're so silly.  I'm glad to hear that you've gotten some reassurances.  I'll definitely be waiting to hear what your Dr. Hottie has to say.  It's so cool that you got a cd-rom of it.  Put that puppy in a safe.  Thanks for the heads up on Jeannette.

fisherkristina said...

Yes, you two do look alike, LOL!


inafrnz247 said...

hehe..  you're both adorable!

I'm so happy and thankful for the reassurances you've received.  I will continue to keep you in my prayers and thoughts!


sunnyside46 said...

it sounds hopeful... I feel better about you.
you and the dog are just too cute!

doclove64 said...


randlprysock said...

Prayers n Much Hugs and the goldylocks pictures...are just the cutest photos I've seen all day!!!

gehi6 said...

I just came from Jeannette's journal.  She is shaken all right, as that diagnosis would do for anyone.  I did get a smle out of your look alike pet picture.  A woman I know had this poodle hair do, dyed dark, and guess wht she had a poodle the same color as her hair.  I allso knew a woman with sort of squashed in nose, red haired, and she had a pekinege!  I do hope your diagonis is not too scarey.  You are very brave.  I have not been to your joournalfor a while.  I was sorry when I heard you were still having trouble, as I like to give support because two of my sisters needed all the works when it came to treatment. Gerry  

rdautumnsage said...


bootifulohio said...

You look adorably alike..  :-D

am4039 said...


swferstl said...

Oh, how funny! Gotta love those pics! I'd say at least one of you is great at powdering your nose!!! (hehe...j/k, of course). But what a neat idea with Goldylocks there. Here's hoping & praying all goes well. If there are any results with cervical, I've been there! You can contact me if you'd like. In the meantime, hang tough, woman! sherri (wunzuponatime)

ekgillen said...