Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday Morning Photo shoot....

Ha! Ha! Tricked ya! If you wanna see my photo your gonna have to go over to my photo blog...I think that is where I'm going to put my entries when I participate in the Monday Photo Shoots from now on.........Linky linky ~~~>  Photographic Memory


mariebm56 said...

Ha Ha...I already saw it....didn't trick me....oh maybe, just a little~

emabecmar said...

wow you got some really pretty pics over there in your photographic memory site. love the one with church at night. Hope you have a good day. ((((((hugs))))))

jenifrierson said...

I believe what you are saying also. Im not paticularly religious either.  When you think about it its the religious people (the Pharisees) who killed Jesus.  They believed that because Jesus didnt do things their way they had to kill Him before He revealed the real truth to everyone about what those people really were (in it for the money) anyhow, its just that I have some amazing stories about where i used to be and where i am now and when i look back on it i know it  was Him.  I just want to be able to give someone hope, maybe not even for themselves, but for a loved one. You dont have to be religious to believe that God can help you.

paisleyskys said...

I went to you photo blog...it is GREAT!
Some really good shots. I loved the Winter Solace.
Good to see ya!
love Tof Paisleyskys

pprrrr39 said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing