Sunday, December 26, 2004

What has happened to me???

OK, Growing up I heard all the stories about how when your a grown up, things just disappear.......socks, car keys, mittens, scarves... you know.... the usual. But what I wasn't prepared for was the disappearing act that oven mitts and oven gloves do, silverware, dinnerware, tupperware even the lil doo-hickey that spins around on a hand held mixer, not to mention 1 long blade/one short blade to the electric knife!

I was told it was gremlins growing up, when asked if I ever had something that had gone missing as a child, I always blamed it on 'Idontknow' and 'notme' But the things that go MIA in my house are the weird things! What the heck do they want with a do-hickey!!! For all I know it's buried in the back yard somewhere!

I could shingle a house with all the house keys that have turned up missing, I often think about running a continuous ad in the local paper "Found a key? it's probably one of mine please return to 'yadda-yadda' for a small reward and please knock before entering if your going to use my key!" lol

So for this Christmas, (and I think I'm going to have to burn my DIVA card on this one) I asked for a new hand mixer (YES a small appliance! Can you believe that??) and a new set of oven mitts and oven gloves and the largest crock pot they make! My husband just looked at me funny when I read my 'wish list' and then he felt my head to make sure I wasn't delirious with fever, then calmly said,"So I don't have to make a tripto your favorite jewelry store?" (They call me if they haven't seen me in lie!) and I replied, "nope" and he said, "And I won't get killed for giving you a small appliance for a Christmas present?" and I replied, "Nope"
and then he muttered something about 'A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE' and went off to do his shopping! lol

If this is what middle age does to a spoiled rotten lil brat then I don't wanna grow up! I'm a 'Tiffany's R us' kinda girl and now I'm asking for kitchen gadgets???? I must be coming down with something!

By the way........I was so good Santa brought me everything I asked for on my pitiful lil Christmas wish list...oven mitts and all! lol lol lol


felicia63 said...

whatever you've come down with i must have caught too, my mother gave me a gift card and instead of buying myself a couple of nice suits i went today and bought curtains for my breakfast room, my husband could notbelieve it when i came home with not one personal item for me. i even washed down the breakfast room today, cleaned the windows inside and out and hung my new curtains .
i was very pleased, but i know tuesday morning when i'm getting ready to go to the office i'll wish i had gotten me a suit or two..

astaryth said...

Tiffany's R US.... ROFL!

promiseluv372 said...

lol I have those gremlins in my house too.  although you can't see them and sometimes they bring things back.. in the strangest places months later, when I'm looking for something else they just took.
Glad you got your mixer!  Don't burn your DIVA card!  You have a birthday!!! :)
~ Promise

carolhehe said...

You got to be crazy! Crockpot and oven mitts.Middleage has got ya now!I always put my stuff in such good safe places that I can't find anything