Thursday, December 16, 2004

Judith Heartsong Art Essay

Judith Heartsong's Art Essay

Decembers theme will be best Christmas gift ever received.


I know this might come as a shock to most of you but I'm a lil spoiled, Ok more than just a little. It's not my fault......NO! really it isn't!...... I have been spoiled all of my life, it was my birth right. I am baby in the family. And I'm a firm believer once your a spoiled brat there is no way of going back! lol So this makes buying gifts for me kind of difficult, I like what I like and I hate what I hate. I'm a much better gift giver than receiver, but I was raised with manners and I am gracious.

Some of my best gifts would not be prized by anyone else but me, they are the gifts that can't compare to even the best baubles and trinkets. They are gifts that I still can look at year after year and smile all the way down to my heart.

They are the hand rolled and molded bubble gum pink and mint green,
lop sided ash trays made with love from one of my children even though neither my Husband or myself smoke, it was molded out of clay with love from her once very small hands and traces of her tiny finger prints can still be found woven in and out of the truly loved ash tray,

It is the hand written Christmas Card along with a petrified candy cane attached to it, that says "I am the best mommy in the whole wide world! Love, Jimmy" written in a kindergarten script that only I alone can decipher. A few of the letters are written backwards, some letters are larger than others but nonetheless it's perfect! Given to me from my last baby I sent of to kindergarten many moons ago.

It is the
'baby pink'
pig fairy with the golden wings with just a bit of the tip broken off, made especially for me because I used to adore pigs, it was precious enough to make it into the display case at school for a month before making its way under the Christmas Tree wrapped in layer after layer of tissue paper to ensure it's safe arrival.

It's the Hallmark card given to me by my Husbands First born which said,"Even though you did not give birth to me you are the best mother I could ever have and in my heart I will always be your daughter"

It is the "time" my husband spent at the perfume counter during the rush of holiday shopper's trying to avoid the woman going around dousing everyone with perfume samples and picking out the scent that would always remind me how much I am loved.

Funny how it wasn't the diamond earrings with the matching jackets,  but the silly little after thought of jumping on a replica of ET in the bicycle basket with the night time sky and full moon as a back light, to pose for a picture, taken just to see me smile! While all the other shoppers thought this grown man who was all alone, must have lost his mind! His grin in this picture still causes me blush! It's his wonderful sense of humor who will forever put himself 'out there' all to get a giggle out of me!

It's all the macaroni necklaces, lop sided pottery, hand sewn sock snowmen, and all the hand written Christmas Cards and that horrible but wonderful, petrified cow dung shaped into a pig and was sold throughout the Hallmark stores in my area as "Poop Pets" and given to me with a note from my Darling Husband that read," Here! Now you can never say that I didn't give you 'chit' for Christmas!" thesewill be forever be my most cherished Christmas gifts!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


*~~December's Artsy Essay~~*


judithheartsong said...

Oh what a wonderful set of memories all strung together. This is a wonderful essay and I am so very delighted that you decided to share with us. You brought back memories for me as well....... big hugs, judi

plieck30 said...

I thought you were going to say diamonds, mink etc. but that is what you wanted us to think, isn't it? You little devil, you! That is so sweet that you treasure the things you do. Paula

carolhehe said...

mine were the shadow picture of my first one and the hand imprint of the second one. My most fav is the one of my youngest one recorded by her second grade teacher saying what she wanted to be when she grew up was a farmer!!! ;)

krobbie67 said...

Great Essay! You don't sound so hard to shop for after all. People just need to buy from the heart for you. Your husband sounds great. He sounds like the kind of guy who could actually verbalize those lyrics. :-) ---Robbie

realitycheckmco said...

Great Entry! Good Luck!