Friday, December 24, 2004

Memories....are the best gift

In light of recent events in my life and the time of the year it is and the years given to me to become wiser and kinder......I have to admit the best thing in life besides love has to be memories.

When you take time to let your mind wander through all the years past, it's not the gifts you received, it's not the gifts you gave, it's the memories that accompany them. It's reminiscing about Christmas mornings as a child and remember almost bursting with anticipation to see what Santa brought you, how many gifts do you actually remember? I remember more of family and friends who shared in the holidays festivities and traditions, I remember going to Grandma's house to be with Aunts, Uncles and my many cousins. I remember our first Christmas in our permanent house after military life and my parents buying a tree that spun around and played Christmas songs, and the bright red, multitiered bauble placed in honor, at the top.

Even the not so good memories hold a special place in my heart, they keep me humble and help me to always appreciate the life I have now. It's the memories of my own children's Christmas mornings waddling out of their beds, all sleepy eyed and wrapped up warmly in their feety pajamas flopping down the stairs to suddenly come alive with the sight of how good they must have been for Santa to bring them so many gifts!

I think how empty my heart would be if I didn't have all these wonderful memories of time and places and most of all the people who have meant the world to me. I try to always be aware that at any given moment another great memory can be made, if not for me than for somebody else.

May this season bring you your own wonderful memories of Christmas's past and may you have more wonderful times ahead in your future and may you always be grateful for what you have right now, here in the present.


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imshadowraven2 said...

thank you for writing that i really needed something to pick me up and yes memories are what counts........have a good one

greyhoundloner03 said...

Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!


astaryth said...

I agree... it's the memories that we all treasure!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!!