Friday, December 17, 2004

Got Quirks?

Some quirky things about me.................

I don't pick up pennies found in the street, I know they are meant to be picked up and wished upon, but I'm pretty content with what I have so I leave the pennies for someone else to wish on.

Before Caller ID, I never answered the phone until after the third ring, and I have no explanation for this! lol

I binge on coffee, I will go weeks and weeks of HAVING to have it, then I don't touch the stuff for months!
(I think I just heard DORN hit the floor!)

I don't share chocolate very well................ OHHH all right! I don't share chocolate at all....try to swipe a piece and you might loose a hand over it!

My favorite class in High School was.......Earth Science

I have a long standing
*~CRUSH~* on Sam Elliot............he was soooo HOT
in the movie "Mask" with Cher.......That man can say the ABC's and make me melt to this day! I also have a slight crush on Andrea Bocelli, an Italian Tenor whose voice simply carries me away, he is amazing!

I still LOVE peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yes this choosy Mother chooses JIF lol

I can't do anything unless music is playing softly in the background, I enjoy all forms of's a great motivator!

The only things I salt is popcorn and potatoes..........anything else and I'm a pepper girl!

I am anal when it comes to symmetry, everything has to line up! It drives me crazy that I can't view things on angles or slightly off centered.........I wonder what a shrink would think about this??? lol

Well, enough about me.....tell me something from your quirky side!


xxlilfweak1231xx said...


dklars said...

Oh my!!  I have a crush on Sam Elliot, too.  Even in Roadhouse, were he was all gruff and scraggely.  I think it's his voice that does it for me, too!

dornbrau said...

I was pretty taken aback by your revealation about coffee... no coffee?  Is there life without coffee?  I don't think so!  Binge, NEVER!  But thats okay, you have been redeemed by your choice of men.  I would love for Sam Elliott to call me on the phone just so I could hear his voice in my ear!

watermelaneat said...

I like Jif too! Extra crunchy...They put actual chunks or even 1/2 portions of peanuts in there...Not just pulveriized bits...Great stuff but you already know that huh?
Merry Christmas!

blueshadegrl said...

I have a very strong dislike for men with red hair. No clue what that stems from!

plieck30 said...

I agree with you on the chocolate. I even hide it. I have some chocolate covered peanuts in the refergerator chrisper right now. In restaurants I have to drink out of those plastic glasses with a straw. I feel like its cleaner that way. I can't bare to throw paper towels away that have only been used slightly. I put them in the little silverware container in the dish drainer until they get soaked and then throw them away. lol Paula

astaryth said...

Hmmmm.... Sam Elliot is good, but Sean Connery <swoon>... And it seems the older he's gotten the better I like him <LOL>... quirks... hmmmm.. I like to eatmy Chocolate chip cookies unbaked.. does that count??

ikoiko33 said...


I have to chew my food in multiples of five before I will swallow ... wierd, yes, but alas, I AM WIERD!! LOL

Also, I will not leave my house for the day without first saying goodbye to my cat ... otherwise, he gets depressed!!


eml625 said...

I can NEVER eat the last slice of pizza in the box, I will wait for someone else to take it and go for the new pie slice !! No idea why.

krobbie67 said...

Hmm...these didn't seem so quirky to me. Maybe that's my quirky side. LOL! Let's see... I find it very difficult to fall asleep with complete silence. I either have my TV on and set the timer, or I leave the radio on. However, I've gotten away from leaving the radio on because I found that later in the night it would wake me up.
:-) ---Robbie

poisonapples4u said...

LOL. . .I can't let anyone else do my dishes because they never put them in the drainer the right way.  I will rewash every dish in the house because they were sitting in the proper place in the drainer.

I won't ever put more than ten items in the washing machine at a time.  I also pull each item out once its washed, one at a time, and shake any wrinkles out before i wad it up and put it into the dryer.