Saturday, January 1, 2005

updates on pics I promised

I'm so late with getting picture posted it's not even funny. I had mentioned in an earlier entry about hosting an annual Christmas Party with my husband for the Salmon Fishing club he belongs to here in the Great Lakes area and I promised to post a picture of the centerpieces I whipped up this year. We usually have over 100 people at these parties and I like the tables to look nice, so I make centerpieces every year and this one had me hot gluing myself to the dinning room table aka my craft table. lol


This was easy and very inexpensive to make and turned out gorgeous!

Wooden candles sticks with a larger lip and a spike for sticking in candles (found at the Dollar Store)
silver based wash paint
5 inch Styrofoam balls
Christmas Tree Garland (I bought the one that was iridescent in color (white) with snow specks on it and silver snowflakes attached)
hot glue and gun
a few branches of beads wired on a spray
wire cutters

Wash the candles sticks in a paint color of your choice, let dry
cut the garland in strands long enough to go top to bottom on the Styrofoam ball, hot glue gun garland pieces to Styrofoam ball leaving a small area open. Apply hot glue all over the lip of the candles stick and stick decorated ball and hold till glue is set. Snip individual silver balls (beads) off of spray with wire cutters and stick randomly into ball to fill up any thinning spots between garland and waaaaaaa laaaaaaa a shimmering table setting that looks expensive and can be made in under 6 dollars a piece!

And now on TO THE CUTEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD! He is still waiting for his hernia surgery, he has turned into the million dollar puppy, we had to start his series of shots all over from the beginning because we found out the breeder started his shots to early and then we he developed kennel cough there was too long of a lapse in between the shots, then he tested positive for worms (poor thing) and now he's just waiting for a 2 week break for his last shots. Because he is so small they had to break up the series of shots. But through all his ailments he's still a happy lil Pup and has taken all his meds like a champ. He had his first hair cut too, they said he was a very good boy! He even likes baths! He is sooo sweet I couldn't have gotten a better disposition pup! I just love 'MY Boo!"



rantorama said...

The centerpieces turned out great, love the colors, and your puppy is so cute!
Happy New Year!

stewartaj1 said...

Lol I saw the name booomer and had to check it out!!
we were watching a boxer for a month named boomer also..
and as you proubably know i love dogs ..
cute pic .
hope you hade a great new years

dklars said...

The center pieces are gorgeous!  I'm going to keep those in mind should I ever need a few centerpieces.  Very creative!
Happy New Year!

spurgins311 said...

The centerpieces are just beautiful. I think I will keep them in mind for gift giving next year! How creative...I use to love to do crafts, but don't have the patience now. :)
Awhhhhh....what a darling baby you have there. :)  I have a tiny Pom and she is soooooo spoiled and you probably have "Boo" spoiled as well. How can we help it, they are so adorable?


dvlwitgrneyes said...

That is a nice craft...I bet they woudl look wonderful in gold too!

The pupp is adorable.

I am glad you had a nice New Years Eve.

I've been reading between jobs...Don't think I haven't. :-) Just haven't had time to comment much.

Take care,

gourneaun said...

The centerpieces you made look very pretty. and your "Boo" is just too cute.

beckieramos said...

Is he a peekapoo? We had one named Scotty a  long time ago. He was a greatlittle dog. God bless, beckie

cneinhorn said...

very nice and crafty!  And I just love the little pooch, what a sweetheart :-)