Monday, January 10, 2005

Embracing my Manic side

OK, Now that I'm 40 something I have learned that I run my life in mini cycles, there is the shopping cycle, the reading cycle, the cleaning cycle, the cooking cycle, the extremely minimal health kick cycle, the writing cycle and last but not least the photography cycle. I just ended the cleaning cycle and am into the cooking cycle, my family is beside themselves over this, I have been on kitchen strike for almost 2 years... they were LUCKY to get 4 home cooked meals a month. I am sooooo wondering why I have not been fired from this position of Stay At Home Goddess! I mean... aren't I supposed to be like super Mom/Wife like Bree on Desperate Housewives?? Aren't I supposed to LOVE excelling at being a Stay At Home Goddess?? For everyone that knows me and knows me well and still loves me refers to my Husband as a Saint James......Don't get me wrong I am a lovable person but difficult and spoiled.

I spent August, September, October and November throwing all my heart and soul into my writing and now I barely visit my journal, December I started my cleaning kick and now In January I am in the throws of power cooking, I'm cooking so much right now that I am sending dinner over to the neighbors! lol  She has two very young and quite active boys and if she can say her own name right now it's a good day....So I've been sharing my cooking bounty with her and her family and she appreciates it. I did tinker with my camera's over the holidays, but nothing spectacular has showed up during developing, but at least I took some shots..I haven't touched my camera since early spring last year I think.

The flu as pretty much devastated my family right now, my 2 youngest are both home today sleeping on bath room floors that have been bathed in Lysol, not to mention my youngest daughter has the worst inner ear infections that the Doc has seen this winter so it's been an adventure to get the meds to stay in her long enough to attack the infection. Thank God we have 3 bathrooms so at least one is still functioning as a bathroom and not a sick room. All's I know is when I'm sick I WANT MY BED!! But they prefer to sleep on the bathroom floor....but then again they don't even know what sciatica is! lol If I laid on the bathroom floor it would take me a few hours to get back up! lol.......Oh Well "MOM" is being paged again.....oh the joys of Motherhood and flu season!


judithheartsong said...

so sorry to hear this, hope all are better soon. Take good care of you. judi

astaryth said...

Hmmm.... mini cycles... I like that. I'm currently in my "craft" cycle... I've been crocheting like crazy <g>. I don't think I do a cooking cycle, although, I do the cleaning one.

Hope everyone starts to feel better soon... the only good thing for you is that they are all getting it over at the same time <eg>

mystafymeal4me said...

good luck with the flu season..weve been  fighting it scecne before x mas..and were and are third loop of it ..its no fun at all,I have the same cycles as you cooking cycle feel at thanks giving..good thing to now i am so tiered of cooking..i am on my cleaning vase right now been at it scence new years..(I hate cleaning though lol)
my camra is now gathring dust .wich is not good when i need to be showing my pups..I am going to have to dust it off by this weekend..or ill be stick with all my pets...hmm 24 dogs lets see dont think i can get away with it .
good luck and have a great night

carolhehe said...

Oh mini cycles. I get to go throught the cycle of hot flashes. I prefer to call them power surges though. You make me glad my kids are grown and gone!! Oh the barfin dazes.

g1itterkat said...

i agree with carol, i call them power surges, second wind, except fpr last few weeks im still waiting on my first wind lol!!! we were all devastated with the flu too, i spent xmas day in bed!!
hope they all get well soon, take care x
Jay x

debbi4873 said...

You know that really makes sense, because there are times all I want to do is read, or shop, or just be you guys feel better.  So far so good with the flu.  Just fighting old uncle arthur (arthritus).  Blessings to you and yours. Deb