Wednesday, January 12, 2005

40, Fabulous and FUN!!!!

Yesterday was a girlfriends 40th Birthday, one she has been avoiding and dreading for the past two years. Now I love being 40 - something, 29 bothered me way more than 40 ever did. So I wanted to let her know you can be 40 & FABULOUS! While looking in the 40's birthday aisle I was disappointed to see 'over the hill' stuff and everything colored in black.......40 is nothing to mourn about.....there is a freedom that comes along with being 40 something that you can't explain to a 20 or 30 something year's becoming more accepting of yourself and others and the freedom that comes along with that, you stop dwelling over your past and become excited about the present and the future.

What better way to celebrate being 40 & FABULOUS then with feathery boa's and a tiara right??? So there we all sat last night at this fantastic Mexican restaurant that is her favorite, with all of us looking so fine in our feathery boa's and her looking very DIVA-ISH in her boa and tiara with scepter in hand! All bright colors of course! WE WERE FABULOUS not to mention quite the spectacles too, but when your 40 something you just don't care what others think...told ya...being 40 something is awesome!

The food was excellent, the conversation was raucous borderlining on raunchy at times, thanks to the flowing margarita's and there was endless giggles about showing up at her door to pick her up with all of us in our best and most colorful bras on the outside of our clothes and a birthday banner saying "Good friends SUPPORT you in good times and bad times AND turning 40!" Her husband thought we must have lost our minds! I know my husband did! When I was getting ready to leave he was outside looking at one of our daughter's cars and I flashed him while getting into my truck and I just laughed as I read his lips which read,"What the hell is she doing now?" and then he just quietly went back to doing what he was doing while shaking his head! Many years after we were married I had asked him beside loving me what were some of the other reasons why he wanted to marry me and he said......."Besides loving you big time, I knew that I would be more miserable without you then I could ever be with you and I knew being married to you would mean my life would never have a dull moment" I know for some, they weren't the most romantic words ever uttered, but to me they were the most perfect words ever whispered to me!................. And yes I still do, have such a wonderful crush on this man! lol lol lol


dklars said...

Sonds like such a good time.  My birthday is soon, will you bring me a boa??  LOL

g1itterkat said...

awwww, its great u still have a crush on him!! that is fantastic!! ive only been with my fella for 3 years, but my tummy still turns over when i hear his voice or if he walks in the room
Jay x

plieck30 said...

Yep there is a lot of things worse then turning 40. Hope you and your friends had a blast and it sounds like you did. Paula

rantorama said...

This is great and oh so true!  I can relate.

nicurnmama said...