Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's about that whole Venus/Mars thingy! lol

My first official date with my DH was April 13, 1986. I of course did not remember the exact date but he did! How sweet is that!!!! lol We went over 2 years before there was even one day spent apart. We fell that fast, that hard and we were loving every minute of new love.

We did special little things for one another, just to say I love you in different ways so when it was time for one of our birthdays to come up, his was first by the way......(New Years Eve Baby) that I wanted it to be extra special, extra romantic and extra sexy! lol So I booked a romantic weekend up in Lake Geneva Wisconsin at the PlayBoy Club!
Sad to say they closed down that club a few years later.

I took care of every detail.....I booked a large suite with a round bed, and it had a huge jacuzzi tub in an elegant bathroom. I packed the candles, the soft music, the massage oils, the bubble bath salts and I hit the lingerie store before going out of town....we had no plans on ever leaving the room. We arrived late Friday night and I had already ordered a bottle of wine to be chilled and waiting for us along with a fresh loaf of french bread and various cheeses. The next day we awoke to breakfast in bed, spent the day just relaxing and being alone with one another. Since we both came into the relationship with small children, this was the first time we were ever alone for any period of was (think of the most fantastic word and insert here! lol) I'm going to use the word magical!

We had every meal brought to us, some we ate in bed and some came  set up on a white table clothed, candle lit table. I wanted it to be the best birthday he ever had and he said then and still says today that any birthday spent with me was his best birthday ever.....we never celebrated another New Years Eve again, I always made sure that day was spent celebrating him.

On our last day there we spent it wondering around the snow covered grounds and enjoyed one last cocktail in front of the roaring fireplace. We made good use of the jacuzzi tub and the silk covered, round bed before heading back home, heading back to reality and our busy lives of working and kids. It would be exactly 43 days until my Birthday and I was breathlessly waiting to see how he would plan mine. Well that phrased coined later about how Men are from Mars and women are from Venus......sad to say it is soooo true...... I finally realized that we spent his birthday doing the things I wanted to do and we were to spend my birthday doing the things he wanted to do.........and girls it didn't include fine wine, finer chocolates and bubble baths!

Continued later!  ;)


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I can only imagine how your birthday was spent.

Niki :)

p.s. belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2u

samnsmile5 said...

Love how you spent his birthday and I know your hubby did too  :)   Can't wait to hear how he planned yours....I could guess  Hunting??  :)   Fishing?  :)
Hurry up with the rest of the story.

ashleekr said...

Don't keep us waiting long.  Did it involve a fish? LOL

sdoscher458 said...

Oh no camp fires and guns.  I can see it coming. Sandi

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Sounds like you both have a great relationship.  You both can be proud of that.  Some people will never know the love you to share.  Makes me believe that love does exsist!  Thanks for shariong I enjoyed this entry.  TerryAnn.

gdireneoe said...

I'll bet ANYTHING it involved the remote control...right? ;)  C.

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Oh don't leave us hanging!!!! Yep men are definately different!!!! Can't wait to hear more!!

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jmorancoyle said...

     Men planning any kind of a birthday or celebration? I'm thinking giant truck rally, the auto show, fishing or hunting, bowling, something with more movement than emotion. And never mind wine. I think a beer is in order here. Beer and pizza.