Friday, August 27, 2004

When your huband screws up

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I also enjoy writing poetry. I write in free form for that's how my heart speaks to me.

My Husband Jim is my usual Muse in my poetry and I share most of my writing with him.....I finally told him about this Journal and actually let him read it.......Here I am sitting, waiting patiently by for him to finish and see what he says.......Well he said, "That's nice." Yes, those are the words he uttered to me, "That's nice!"
That's nice????

Here (j-land) is where I bare my soul and all's I got was a "that's nice!?!?!!?" (a bunch of 4-letter words inserted here)! lol Needless to say I was hurt, then mad as Hell, then hurt again!! Well, I guess, as usual my face showed my emotions and that's when he finally redeemed himself in my eyes and in my heart!

He walked away from the computer, where my "Heart" was still written down in the form of my writing and gently took my hands and said," I'm a man, I don't always know the right words to say or express just what I'm feeling, But that doesn't mean I don't love you, because I still love you like crazy, I might not say it or show it but your always here (and he pointed to his heart) and I Love you!"

Ok! I know.....genuine sniffle sniffle........ Everything was back to being "right" in my world......Until that Wonderful Man says something not so wonderful "Those Jeans look like they got a little tight" and I spew,"I shrunk em' I like em' that way!" lol...Here's something I wrote about my muse........Hope you like it!

Forget not........

Forget not
to take me in your arms
Forget not
to whisper I love you
Forget not
to kiss me with passion
Forget not
to love me slowly
Forget not
to look into my eyes
Forget not
it is you who loves me
Forget not
you are my beloved

Copyright kmh 2004




karensull12 said...

I think it's nice that you let your husband read your journal.  Mine would have a cow if he read mine because I do a lot of complaining about him.  He absolutely would not see the humor in it at all, so I just tell him I'm reading journals.  Anyway, your hubby sounds like a good guy.  Nice poem.

vwkwan said...

Awww...that's ok!!!! I showed my boyfriend the first time and he wasn't very interested either...but then the more I talked about him on there...he would sneak onto my computer and look at it..especially the comments other people left on there about him. HAHAHAHAA!!!! Maybe your husband will be reading this...keke. Yeah. sometimes it just sucks that they don't take as much interest in our things as we would like. Oh well! Keep writing!

Have a good day!


amviolinist07 said...


kokoapuffy1 said...

I get the same comments from my husband, about my journals. If he asks, I give him the URL. He does help me with my photo blog. We go on Sunday drives, so I can take pictures. I like the poem, and your journal...will be stopping by often.