Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The telling of me

Where does one begin telling ones story..........I guess I'll start with what makes me happy.

I enjoy photograghy........it lets me express how I feel with just a few clicks of the camera.  Sometimes it shows how I enjoy the simple things in life like a monarch butterfly enjoying a summer flight and sometimes it shows the deeper side of me caught in the shades and shadows of black and white imagery.  The simple beauty of mother nature makes me happy and the camera lets me capture it for safe keeping.

I enjoy writing.........it lets me express how I feel without an audience.  I find myself able to know myself a lil better by just sitting down and letting my fingers hit the keyboard and tell the story of me better then any kind of thought process........I tend to over think.......and writing lets if flow more honestly and fluently.  The simplicity of a few words and you and I get to know eachother better.   Here is a sampling of my style of writing


Only words…………

The wonder of words
Add a melody to them and they
Become music
Rhyme them and they
Become poetry
Add passion to them and they
Become love
Add anger to them and they
Become weapons

KMH copyright 2004


tgiflirt9407 said...

you so don't hav eto worry about having a bad journal. you've gotten off to a reall good start.

http://journals.aol.com/tgiflirt/WritingOnTheWall   or


sziqzio1 said...

You are doing great!!! Good job. ;-)

littlelady1699 said...

Kim you are gone but though YOUR words you are still here.

fly high Angel