Friday, August 20, 2004

The north woods

Back from my visit to the North Woods were life passes by a lil more slowly.  How beautiful the night sky is lit up by the glitter of blinking stars....never dulled by the light of mans inventions.  To hear the sound of the breeze as it passes through the tall pines, by far my favorite tree, always standing at attention always to seem perfectly lined up as if in a "march"

A day spent fishing for Northern Pike and Muskies to have the wonder of the American Bald Eagle fly within a few feet over head......It's no wonder its the symbol of strength and grace for this country I am so proud of.  It glides on the wind with barely a wings flutter while its mate waits on the tip of the tall pines.

Days spent enjoying the sunshine while nights were spent all wrapped up in the warmth of down feathered comforters perfect combination for a trip up north. What a way to spend some time recharging "Life's Battery." After many years spent up at the cabin I can never really tire of the view of the lake framed perfectly by the large window nestled high in the woods.

Its a place to escape to by vehicle or through fond never changes up in the north woods, for if it does it does slowly, without much notice.


madmanadhd said...

MMMM... oh yeah. Sounds like my North Woods I like to retreat to occassionally. Thanks for the memories.

imshadowraven2 said...

you write so beautiful